Monday, October 19, 2009

Heppi Birthday Acing!

Happy 5th Birthday to my lil cousin,
Adreanna Ratan

aka Aching!!

In the picture above,
she was wearing a wig,
and yes, she's a poser and cam whorer.
...if there is such word XD

Other pictures I have of her...

She is loved by all family members.
Practically because she is so much younger
than her elder sister but still act more maturely.

She is the type who is not afraid of strangers and at times,
talk like an adult.

She and my nephew (cousin's son)

She and her sister having fun with the wigs.
Both are make up freaks and beauty freaks. XD

Look at that innocent face. lol
She wore earrings and lipstick. Haha

Dearly missing her.
Can't wait to get back to my village,
hug her and hear her talk non stop again.
Though I may get pissed and fed up sometimes. XD

May God bless her ;
a year older,
a year wiser,
and a year cuter. :D

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