Sunday, October 18, 2009


My latest twitter posts :

  • "Just gt back from Tanjung Malim, 3days 2 nights Penang Coordinating Council meeting.Celebrated my Birthday in church. New experience."

Last Friday noon, 6 of us set off to Tanjung Malim for the Penang Coordinating Council (PCC) meeting/ Annual General Meeting (AGM) which took place at a very new church. The meeting involved different Uni from the Penang Council and it was a whole great and new experience. to me It was a 3 days 2 nights meeting and the second day was my birthday. I woke up and I sort of had this voice in me saying, "Oh, I'm gonna celebrating the whole day of my birthday in Church. Cool." I was happy spending it with my loved ones and people who cared for me.

  • "Will be deleting some unknown people I accidentally accepted on Facebook. Yea, I only accept and add people I know as my friends."

I had decided to delete those who I know through mutual friends on Facebook. I understand that accepting them maybe the only way to make new friends online but I do not hink it will work if we are not connected through very very close mutual friends. Though we may have 10 to 20 mutual friends, it does not mean that I ever see that person in real life or ever converse with him or her. So I guess there is no point having thousands of friends when most of them are only connected through mutual friends or are added randomly. Will solve it after my nap. Tata... (*Suddenly feel that my English language level is depleting since I tried conversing in Sabahan & Indonesian cause I use less English now* ??? Was that even a proper explanation in English??)


Daphnee said...

happy belated birthday darl! xoxo :)
hehehe. hope u enjoyed ur birthday yea :))))))

and bout fb, i did that too. all the time. hahahaa. no point accepting requests from people that you never even talk with right :P

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Daph : thanks!! xoxo :D