Monday, October 26, 2009

Symbolic Life

For some reason I am really of being in this place,

being in this position.

Day by day I get more and more things .

First, I would like to say to all readers.

I had been very busy the past weekend,

being part of grand events,

spending time with my far from

and of course using every second I had to complete my projects.

Friday night was Talent Search 2009.

It was a success and I did enjoyed my throughout.

Saturday night was a Farewell Dinner for the CSS seniors.

A night filled with I can say.

Both nights, I arrived in my room almost 2AM.

Barely able to open my , I hit the straight.

Sunday morning was Talent Search 2009 postmortem.

The rest of the day I had to complete my Moral project.

At night it was Rotaract Avenue meeting.

After the meeting, wrapped for Rotaract Installation Night

till almost 12AM.

Then I got back to Differential Equations.

Though so much preparations, I still the interview.

Not because I could not answer the questions ,

but because I got myself and told the wrong concept.

After that was a quiz, managed to finish but am not fully confident.

At the end of the day,

I still need to meet my Academic Writing

lecturer for consultant on a

Had co-curriculum drama practice at .

My energy is all drained out.

I am not only ,

I am disappointed and with myself.

After the interview,

I was practically the whole day.

I wanted a so that I can

something as hard as I want.

I used to ask my brother to hold a for me to .

I hope at least he is here.

I do walls as well, of course not till my hand bleed.

I am not

and are just my ways to release .

Different people have different ways.

Some play , some sleep, some go for,
some , some play ,

some watch , some read ,

some go for and etc.

In less than a month I will be back

I have lost my interest in aiming-high and working hard.

The world is getting so that the

efforts do not seemed to worth it.

I used to be perfectionist, still a little perhaps.

But when others being ,

no one will see the efforts, no one will see the sacrifice.

I need to be out of this place.

I need to and go for class, I guess.

These are places I can channel

everything out of me and feel


kenwooi said...

haha... cute emoticons.. =)

MayLin :: Melinda said...

hahah...Thanks! credits to
Took me quite sometime to complete this post.
Blogging is a way I release stress too :D

Independent Queen said...

What a challenge to finish this.. I was like.. ermm ermm like "fill in the blank" quiz !!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Yea..too busy, yet too free.
I was so under stress, spent all my time blogging this post. lol

bang-bang! said...

aww so cute haha. had fun reading ur post. anyways, tahan mei lin, approx. 3 weeks more to go. i have a countdown like thingie on my table. looking at it makes me feel much better.can't wait to go home!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

but countdown makes me scared that finals is near.. sobsob..
such a dilemma...

michkirszanelee said...

i'll bring you to NZ with me if i go ok. we can actually plan a real trip there, maybe in 2nd year or sth. save money first.

MayLin :: Melinda said...

k..great! :)