Monday, November 7, 2011

I saw it coming


Actually see this one coming so was a little less depressing than the first.

Mostly was my own fault but also disappointed he couldn't hold on much more.

This time, no more turning back.

We remained friends and wish each other the best.

Maybe we are not meant for each other after all.

If destined by God, we will meet again down the way.

Actually it lessen my burden as well.

I used to have this thoughts on what will happen during 7 months internship?

After graduation, can we even work together in the same area?

Can we even have a proper family with this study-work contract tying us?

It seemed difficult but now there is not much to think about.

I can go wherever I want :)

It is saddening however, that guys only think about the future towards the very end.

Then it freaks the hell out of them.

We girls, think about it early and make sure the risks are worth taking.

It is true.

When you stay long enough with a person, knowing each other too much make you grow apart.

You love them, but not in love.

He said it grew into sympathy so there is nothing left to mourn.

I remembered reading Suet Li's post on her 5 and half years post break up.

Sounded so similar.

We just grew apart.

When I read the comments, I guess we are not the only ones facing such difficulties.

Maybe soon we will grow up and things will get better.

It took him weeks of thinking and me weeks of waiting before this decision.

I will never regret the journey we walked together and nothing will replace those moments we had.

Cheers! :)

p/s: this is not a very emo post, but I supposed I am a lil bit emo. Who doesn't in this situation.

I may look okay but I sleep next to a box of tissue. Hahahaha ok no joke


Michelle Lee said...

Aww meilin... Stay strong k? *hugs*

Bel said...

yeap dear, stay strong. do what u think is the best for both of you k? anyhoo, am always here for u. :) <3<3 call me anytime.

. said...
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MayLin :: Melinda said...

thanks darlings! yeap I am fine now. xoxo much lovessss <3 <3 <3 <3 <3