Wednesday, November 2, 2011

South Korea Day 2

Date: 21 September 2011

Our second day in South Korea was still in Jeju Island, which we stayed at Yeha Guesthouse. We woke up really early to prepare our own breakfast. After that I got the receptionist to help us call a taxi to the popular tourist spot "Dragon Head".

The pictures are not in sequence because my memory card is corrupted and all these are taken from what I have uploaded in Facebook. Resolutions were also altered. Sorry, me no good blogger :( As you can see, we had tough time trying to snap good pictures with the "dragon head" as our background. During that time, there were many tourists, including a bunch of school kids, probably on a school trip.

After the "Dragon head", we walked downhill for about 20minutes and reached a hanging bridge. The bridge was over a small river, leading to the sea opening. There is also a man made tree filled with padlocks.

From there, we walked quite a distance to the main town to ride a bus to Loveland. Loveland is another tourist spot in Jeju Island. However, it is rated 18SX. I took only a few images in Loveland because my camera battery was running low. I have to warn you that the images below are strictly 18SX :)

After Loveland, we took another bus to Oedolgae rocks. This was where the shooting of the korean  drama "Da Chang Jin" took place.

So that was the end of our Jeju Island trip! Took the bus back to our hostel (which was really long, it was at night when we arrived). We wanted to hike Mount Hallasan but I guess we walked too much (to cut cost) and turned out to be very exhausted at the end of the day. Early next day, we flew back to Seoul using Eastarjet (early booking from their website required for membership discount).

And if you have international license, it is really advisable to drive or use a scooter around the island. It is not really huge and going by the seaside will never get you lost. Cycling is also an option but maybe tiring because most of the places are hilly. For me, I was truly amazed by the whole island which was a volcanic island and seeing black sand was amazing!

Stay tuned for Day 3!

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Lindy said...

South korea! One of my must go place. lol! Loveland~~ must go someday~Teehee. HAHAHA :)

SengYee said...

Pictures are way too awesome...:D