Wednesday, November 16, 2011

South Korea Day 5

Moving on to Day 5 in Korea.. This was one happy but tiring day.

We started our day with breakfast at Paris Baguette. I miss it so much! The buns, cakes, breads there are so yummy!

Act cool pose. Hahahahah!

In love with this stockings, but sadly my bracelet hooked it here and there and now so many holes T___T

On Day 5 we decided to go to 63 building, one of the famous shopping mall which is located next to Han River. It is, however a quite troublesome journey from Hongik because after using the subway, you will need to change to a bus. Or like us who don't know where is the bus station, we went on foot (and it was super tiring but a family with a baby stroller walking to the same destination made me move on :P). 

Before this when we were in Jeju airport, we bought this tourist pass which can be used as credit card. It is called "Korea Pass". It can be used as a privilege card for foreigners and is issued by Korea Tourism Organization. The cheapest prepaid card however, cost 50,000 won. When we purchased the card, we were given a guide book on how to use the card and a book full of coupons. They have coupons for dining, entertainment and shopping. 

At 63 building, we decided to visit the 63 Wax Museum because we can get discount if we use the Korea Pass. So we all swap our cards and in we go!

I am in Christmas mood now! 

Just the right image for current situation, Happy holidays! I mean soon. And good luck to those taking SPM and STPM.

Please don't ask me why is Santa Claus placed next to Marilyn Monroe. >.<

Got excited over all those posters with signatures. :P

The last supper, actually I only knew we are not supposed to touch anything after we took the picture.

No, I cant play the piano. Nor any musical instruments. Life fail max. FML

Teaching Mahatma Ghandi to use Iphone. LOL

My height was just right to fit beneath his hand. LOL

Towards the end of the hallway for the wax museum (which was not that big and didn't look as real as expected), we decided to go for the 5D cinema. I picked the horror genre because I think that will probably be the best for a 4D movie. Nothing much except that there are screens surrounding you 360 degree and you chair can be turned 360 as well. Means the ghosts were coming at us in all directions and may even (seemed to be) passing through our heads and bodies because we also wore 3D glasses. Though it was a horror movie, we were laughing our asses off at how funny we tried to "avoid" the ghosts and some scary insects though we knew they aren't real. :P

After wax museum, we were lead into a small teddy bear museum. This teddy bear museum is connected to the wax museum so it was free entrance. It is however tiny and...cute...but...boring. Including this teddy bear museum, I have come to know 3 of them in Korea. The first one was in Jeju Island and the second one at Namsan Seoul Tower. If they all look the same, I feel lucky we didn't pay so much to enter the first two. See for yourself! 

Bi Rain's teddy bear! He had so many, this is only one of them.

Lee Hyori signed for her teddy bear as well.

Kim Yuna, Yoon EunHye and 2NE1 teddy bears. But they were not displayed, I think they brought them back.
Because at the souvenirs shop, we saw that these bears are for sale and the belly part was purposely left blank for leaving messages.

Harry Potter teddy bear! I checked, they left out the scar on his forehead. LOL

And we started doing crazy things peeking the bears. FOL

After visiting the wax museum and teddy bear museum, we went off to the mall, still in 63 building. Mostly are branded items and luxury dining. We managed to find a foo dcourt and settled down for lunch. We all had bibimbap, all kinds of bibimbap. Haha~ What I was amazed was, we all need to clean up the table ourselves and bring the tray back to the stall we ordered our food from. Korea is not the only place like this but why Malaysians can't? And why Malaysians don't sort our rubbish as well? I think we are relying on the cleaners and rubbish collectors too much. They don't have cleaners or rubbish collectors in the food court or on the street but the country still looks much cleaner.

When we were done with lunch, we managed to ask the help desk on where is the nearest bus station (which we missed earlier on). From the bus station, we made our way to Myeongdong! Myeongdong is like a girls paradise, at least for those who are beauty conscious. Myeongdong is full with cosmetics shop and sports goods. We purchase quite a lot of cosmetics here. The prices were not as cheap as we expected (cause people kept telling us to go there buy cosmetics) but they do have sale on certain items and they give lots and lots of samples, which I guess can cover up the price a bit. 

This is one of the location for the famous Nanta performance. We didn't go for Nanta because we didn't have enough time.

We stopped for a rest at Angel-in-us Coffee after too much walking. Tried and figured Starbucks is still better.

All of what we bought. Mostly those still in the plastics and the small bottles are samples.

After we got back to our guesthouse, we were too tired to go around looking for food/dinner. So we just went to the nearest 24 hour mart and bought ramen. :)

The end. :)

p/s: sorry my English damn broken cause I am in a rush for this post.
Most probably will start working tomorrow. Hopefully I get the job.

South Korea achieve


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wow~ I hope i can go to Korea one day. ^^

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WOW!!! Your Korea trip was amazing!!!

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