Sunday, November 6, 2011

South Korea Day 3

Here comes sam il (day 3) in South Korea! We got back to Seoul!

Well actually I had been busy, doing home. I had been doing nothing and I was so lazy to blog because I my memory card was corrupted and (luckily) I need to save the pictures from Facebook, though with more lousy resolutions, this save my trouble re-sizing the pictures I just retrieved (and cost me RM120 for the software pfffff).

I wanted to take up Korean Language lessons but apparently the 3 months program started last month, when I was in Korea ironically. So I am still searching. I wanted to take dance lessons but then part of me is so lazy to check the schedule. I am getting poorer day by day, no more travelling but spending lots on food, wanted to get a part-time job but mostly I found are far from home and imagine using up my salary paying fuel.

Alright back to story! Early morning on 22 of September, we flew back to the mainland using Eastarjet. Rode the airport railway to Hongik University station and landed at Kim's friend guesthouse which was our accommodation for our whole stay in Seoul! I do recommend this guesthouse if you are going backpacking with friends but not if you are travelling with your family or ermmm, "high class" friends. Reason is, we stayed with other 3 strangers, who later turned to friends. And when one left, new one came. People from Germany, America, Hong Kong, Japan etc. So if you mind your privacy, I guess you would rather pick a hotel.

So here are the pictures!

Leaving Jeju Island........ sobsob...

The first photo I took after coming out of Hongik University Station! Hahahaha~

After checking in and taking a bit of rest, we moved on to check out the palaces! When we arrived at the counter, we found out that we are allowed to purchase a set of tickets with 4 palaces if I am not mistaken, and it expires only 1 month after purchase. We bought 1 set because we do plan to visit all 4 and the price was slightly cheaper.

That time when I arrived at the location, it was already lunch time. However to save some time, we decided to just take some street food on our way.

And below are all the palaces pictures.

We took an English tour at Gyeongbukgong. Our tour guide (if you can spot her below in the pictures :) ), she was wearing the Korean traditional clothes and was funny. LOL.

This was me trying very hard to avoid the sun. Hahahaha~

 After visiting the palaces, we decided to visit Insadong which is famous for the street food. Insadong was very nearby, at walking distance but we made the wrong turning and got lost. Feeling super tired and hungry, we stopped by a pancake restaurant.

 This was the boyfriend trying to act drunk. Actually there was another group of Uncles sitting beside us. Their faces were all red and they were walking wobbly when they left, so we were confirmed that they were drunk. And these men still in working attire getting drunk is really normal because they have a term called "business drinking" in Korea.

After our meal, we left Insadong area and went to Dongdaemun. Dongdaemun is another big shopping mall in Seoul and is a must visit. However we were feeling really exhausted already and were not in the mood to shop. Dongdaemun is filled with branded items, in par with Lotte or some maybe cheaper.

On the way back to the subway, I fell down and got myself a huge bruise T__T What a day........

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Wan Lin said...

i remember this day was the most tiring day.... and the lunch is just street food.... oh my gosh haha
and the palace was not as beautiful as i expected... very disappointing