Wednesday, November 9, 2011

South Korea Day 4

Okay so I broke up with the bf who I went Korea with (for 6 weeks!) and it was supposed to be like a honeymoon and now I am supposed? to be emo but I am blogging about the trip? Hahahaha.  

Nahhhh...we are cool. I cried badly last night, couldn't sleep until I texted him around 3am but of course he didn't reply but felt better then slept. I had been eating enough, will sleep well and can still wake up so do not worry :) but thanks to those who came to comfort. I am glad we ended it earlier rather than living with all the untrue feelings. It's true. Sometimes we rather hear the painful truth than the nice lies. In long term, it works better :)

So here comes Day 4!

Day 4 we went to the other palace which we didn't visit on Day 3 (to complete all the 4 tickets we bought, visited 3 on day 3). This one was easy because using the subway, we managed to arrive right in front of the palace. The subway station is named after the palace. 

I am so sorry that I am such as bad blogger. This was sometime ago so I forgotten the name of the palace. Blehhhh...

And right at our arrival, there was a performance called something like "changing of the soldiers", I think?? The performance is quite frequent because we lingered around almost an hour there and when we went back we saw the performance ending. Maybe every half an hour or so.

The view at this palace is magnificent. The background is like mountain range and that day the sky was so blue and clear.

And no, it was not freezing cold. It was rather warm, which was why I took off my sweater.
This is just him normal act-weird-in-front-of-the camera pose :)

We took photos with the guards. Like any other guards, they are not allowed to move or smile.

And we found this kid wearing this adorable thing! I doubt it's a cap/hat cause it can't even cover half the head but I think it is for decoration and the paw, so cute!

This one was one silly photo because despite knowing my head had always been awfully small, I still insisted to pose

One awesome thing about this palace?? We get to wear the Korean traditional costume, Hanbook, for free! But there is time limit of course. We are given only 15minutes and photo taking must be done with own camera. But still, it was free! And we were lucky because the queue was not long and we made it just in time! The booth closed for lunch hour right after we were done :P

When we were still in love. :')

And I took this picture, at the first shot! He is using this as his facebook dp. Come to think of it, he uses the picture I took and I am using the picture he took, both in Korea. Haha!

After the palace, we went indoor, visited the Folk's museum.

And being lost looking for Insadong yesterday didn't make us give up. We went looking for Insadong again this time. And this time we made sure we asked for the direction more frequently on the way before we walk too far.

It was lunch time! So we stopped by a restaurant at Insadong and dined! The restaurent picture is the one above, sorry the clearer picture was corrupted T__T  Anyways, food here was yummy!

This is one of the famous desserts in Insadong! Quite over rated but still, it is a must try. The queue was quite long.

After walking around at Insadong, we decided to go to Namsan tower! Or also called N Seoul is quite easy to reach here, there is a direct bus going to Namsan tower, provided you ask around and wait at the correct bus stop.

I guess this is a familiar scene of korea? The padlocks which resembles love and friendship. I showed one in Jeju in my previous post and here at Namsan tower, there were 2 spots. Scroll further down for another :)

We paid to go up the observation deck and we were right in time for a great view! Sunset!

This was a funny taken with a mirror right above our heads. LOL

And because the moment can't be missed, we waited for it to turn dark, so that we can take a look at another view! The busy city of Seoul at night! I guess our timing was just right because when we left, more people came for the night view.

Again, when we were in love. No, this post is not frustrating. Haha

Here is the 3rd spot of the padlocks! On second thought, that time I had the sixth sense that me and my boyfriend must put the padlocks because it is a once in a lifetime chance, but knowing he is quite of a saving and non-superstitious person, I was certain he won't do it so I gave up my thoughts. Is that why we broke up? Opppsss. 

After saying goodbye to Namsan tower, we got off to dinner! Had dinner near our guesthouse because it was already so late (thanks to waiting for night view) and we were already too exhausted to walk around finding food (thanks to climbing up the hill to Namsan tower).

So this dinner was.........not up to expectation. So beef noodles I think. Didn't even know the name because we just ask what is recommended.

South Korea achieve


SengYee said...

Take care maylin..
Nice photos by the way..

Dan Arif said...

Found your blog from innit.. When I was in Seoul I didn't get the chance to get up to the tower because the line was very long.. The counter told us that we need to wait 2 hours to get up :(

Siew Lee said...

That's one long post you have! So sorry to be hearing about your broke up. Be strong :)
I love the font you are using! They're so cute and unique! Love all the photos you had too! Such a fine day with clear blue sky..
When I was young I had a chance to go to Korea, but I was so young that I could barely remember anything now =/