Thursday, December 1, 2011

South Korea Day 6

So here comes day 6 of South Korea.... I had been really busy with my work and when I got back home I am already worn off and sleep as early as 8PM, though I did wake up around 4AM and start reading Reader's Digest before taking my morning shower at 6AM wtf. My holidays disciplined seemed a lot more better compared to those time in Uni. Even the heart and mind are rebellious towards books and lectures. The great thing is I do not have and take home work unlike Uni with tonnes of assignments, projects, curricular stuffs wtf.

Day 6, yeayyyyy! The day we met Se7evn and Big Bang ehehehehehe *trolling*

We started our day with a meal at Se7en's Chicken restaurant (named Yeolbong)!
We went to the Gangnam branch and totally did not know that there is a newly open one right across the street where we stayed, which is at Hongdae. The Hongdae branch is easier to find because Hongdae itself is a famous dining and clubbing street. The Gangnam branch is quite tricky because it is behind a cinema (City Cinema). There are 2 cinemas which you will pass by on your right, it is behind the first cinema.

Here is the direction I got from a website:

 Gangnam Outlet
  • Location 강남구역삼동 817-8번지 1층 – Gangnam-gu Yeoksam-dong 817-8, 1st floor
  • Open hour 11am-11pm 예약문의 강남역 : 02-508-1011. 가로수점 : 02-3445-1012
  • Direction: Gangnam Stn (Line 2) , exit 7. Look at the map for detail
  Travel tips to Gangnam outlet

We asked around because at first we were not sure of which cinema's turning we should take, luckily there are 2 Korean ladies who didn't quite understood English but were willing to help.

Here we are! It was around 11AM when we arrive so it was still quite empty, we were only the 2nd customer there I guess.

I think those are artists signature and one of them is Se7en's??

Almost all the YG Family had individual frames with portrait and signature to support Se7en, but I was too shy to go around taking photos. Don't wanna look as if we were there only to take photos (plus, the chickens are too spicy for my liking)

There are 2 main stew chicken dishes at his restaurant. This is the first one! 
I must warn you that it is really spicy, but yummy at the same time. Most of the time we mix it with the 2nd dish because the other was less spicy.

Big Bang!! We saw Seungri in another picture but had no sight of DaeSung visiting the restaurant. Spot TOP in his awesome Silver hair on one of the bottom frame.

Yeappp you guess it right, this was our 2nd dish. Less spicy and I think I took 90% of this dish wtf wasted the other dish

Can you see my eyes 반짝반짝? (Indeed I learned this word from SNSD Gee wtf)

And of course I cannot be missing out TaeYang!! Coincidently I was sitting next to TaeYang's photo frame and coincidentally from my view I can only take photo of Se7en's and TaeYang's signature. Thank God.

Onew of SHINee!! Omaigad lucky me. Cause I love Big Bang and SHINee most out of all Kpop. And in those 2 idol groups, I like TaeYang and Onew most. And there they were next to me, coincidentally.

Okay here is an up close view :)

Before heading to Namdaemun, took photo with the infamous paper cutting of Se7en!

After that we headed to Little France. Here, is another whole frustrating story. So here goes. We wanted to find Petite France actually, the French looking village. However, the direct translation of Petite France in Korean to English is also Little France (at least this was what we heard in Running Man or any other Korean dramas). We followed the directory to Little France only to realized that Little France in Seoul is not Petite France and Petite France is located out of Seoul. Confusing much?? Conclusion is Little France ≠ Petite France and we got lost T_____T

The great thing about getting lost at Little France? It is a place full of rich people. Because this is the area where most of the foreigners stay. When we got lost, we bought ice creams and sat in front of the mart. I figured I can sit there whole day just to look at all the luxury cars. Seriously, not of them were not sparkling and you can spot a few with charming drivers. :P

Yea we broke up but this picture is just here to show the nice scenery and relaxing pathway we took before reaching Little France.

And the buildings are indeed classics. You can really feel like you are in some European country while in Little France. You can spot open are coffee/tea house, with some Caucasians reading away at the balconies. And some Caucasian kids taking their dogs for a walk.

We ended our afternoon at Namdaemun market. Not much to buy there. Mostly are bargain items like any night market but we were thinking about our luggage load. Bought seaweeds as souvenirs and had our dinner at a stall, cut-throat stall *gulp*  I must warn you not to eat at Namdaemun. Eating snacks should be okay but not having your dinner there. Our dinner cost us more than RM100 barely just for the following small dishes (we were not even full after the meal) and no rice/noodle/soup what so ever.

Dish 1: some freaking expensive mushroom, *nomu nomu pisa!!*
and it tasted like eating nothing T____T

Dish 2: This is one of Korean delicacies. This one was okay and can be considered for being expensive.

Dish 3: This one was expected to be one of the cause of the expensive meal. 
Fried pork, another famous Korean street food.
But how crappy it was because no meat at all.... It is the style? Is the meal actually like that?
But who would pay for the bones??

Dish 4: I don't really remember this one, but it looks like some fried stuffs right? 
I think it's fried minced pork or something.

The lady preparing for Dish 5, we were totally tricked by her.
Sooo expensive meal, we went totally speechless after she told us the price. The dishes might be expensive, but the amount served doesn't deserve such price.

Dish 5: The most expensive meal, and it was just 2-3 tiny octopus. One of Korean exotic food. The Octopus was chopped raw and ate row. When we put it in our mouths, we can still feel the tentacles suction sucking on the wall of out mouths and our tongues. *Eeeeeee*

Attached a video of the octopus actually still moving on the plate. The colours are abit out though cause I mistakenly adjusted the colour conversion thingy.

Was uber upset after paying so much for empty tummy. We evn had to stop by the nearby sundry shop and buy supper. Luckily we spotted TaeYang's drink and it made my day. Though my friend bought it :D  However didn't look at nice as real TaeYang and I bet it does not taste as good as real Tae Yang *ooppppss!*

All locations can be easily accessed using Subway. Only some walking is required to reach Little France.

South Korea achieve


SengYee said...

The food are so tempting..:p

Älícia TӦh ♥ said...

woww! super admire you! :D bb's photo is nice! Gonna read your others post about south korea! :D keep it up ya!!

Wan Lin said...

the taeyang drink really doesnt taste nice la lol

MayLin :: Melinda said...

seng yee: Korean food are different but u need to try the varieties else d common ones will make u fed up fast. ahaha

alicia: thank u dear! will update as frequent, lately so lazy..haha

wan lin: I said, actual TaeYang must me nicer..hahahah wtf