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South Korea Day 7

Okay, I just got back from my village and I just sent a few official emails for quotations and bookings. I had always been the secretary, like for all events and societies. I think my face has the "secretary" chop now wtf. And I had been so busy, no time for myself. Going to work until 21 December and off I go for Christmas family vacation. :)

So here is our last day in Seoul, but only the 7th day in South Korea, so stay tuned for more!

That day one of our friend left early in the morning because she's starting her internship a week after. Damn no one woke me up so I only woke up after she left T___T  Still feel so sorry. And she had to go to the airport alone, ride the plane alone. Serena please be happy interning and hope to see you soon. :)

We extended our stay at Kim's friend guesthouse because initially we thought we would move to our next destination on that day itself, but we realized it only takes 3 hours to reach there and our host only expecting us to arrive the next day. So another extra day in Seoul!

After we settled everything (which was a sad case because the night before we asked owner 2 and he said there is an empty room at the main house, so we moved out of our room. And in the morning when we moved our things out, owner 1 said just stay in old room wtf), we went to hunt for food. We had been craving for Korean delicate meat! And just across the road, there was a restaurant. Quite empty, only 2 customers wtf. But it was 11am anyways and we were already so hungry.

We sat down and ordered Samgyeopsal. It is very famous in Korea and their restaurants all equipped with smoke sucking machine. Here if you go BBQ restaurant you get your face oily and hair & clothes smelling like charcoal wtf.

And like any other Korean meals, they serve you many2 side dishes (pan chan). And these dishes can be refilled as many times as you want for free of chrage.

Looking at this picture makes me saliva-ing. 
The meat are so soft and seriously melts in the mouth like many claimed.

Perhaps we were too hungry and were too busy eating. Only when we went to the counter to pay for the bill, we realized there were signatures of all the artists who visited the restaurant. I was particular about YG Ent. artists so additional photos on that :P  And we were staying at Hongdae area, where YG officed used to be. Which is why you can see all 2NE1's signature and members of Big Bang visit here often before they moved. 

Here's the look of the restaurant. It is not near the beach.
 They were repairing the pathway so there is sand wtf.

Next we were on mission to find YG Building! The reason being we had nothing to do but to relax after 6 hectic days of tour in Seoul. But it turned out to be not relaxing as expected. We got the address for YG Building and off we went!

But the another sad case was, we got lost T____T. We didn't know that YG Ent. changed location so we were wondering around the area of the old address (in Hapjeong) and kept guessing where YG building could be. The truth is we actually did past by the old building but it looked deserted so we ignored it, not knowing the fact that they moved. 

That area was also quite empty except for there are few old people jogging and not many shops. I guess the youngsters were at school. We spent the whole daylight looking for it, until an auntie asked us what were we looking for FOL. She was waiting for a taxi at the roadside where we rested due to exhaustion wtf. Luckily she was a fan of Big Bang and she told us they moved. And luckily, we managed to go online and got the new address so off we went again. By the time we reached, it was already dark wtf. 

And this time we didn't waste anytime, just grab anyone on the street and ask FHL. Some didn't know wtf probably not from that area. And others didn't speak English T___T  Luckily, we met a lady in her mid 20's. She spoke fluent English and she gave us the exact location. Yeayyyy!

She just said, walk straight and turn right after a fuel station. If you see a weird building, that is it. It's true! The building we saw in pictures, so unique!

We didn't see Big Bang or 2NE1 because they were out of town for promotion.
And after that we heard 2NE1 came back the next day wtf FOL.

We spotted few good looking youngsters. Either their trainees or dancers.

Spot Big Bang's TOP!

We didn't scribble this, it was by one of the fan girls I guess. We waited there for almost an hour. And we were not alone. There was a group of fan girls, in school uniform waiting at the entrance. And the sad thing is they actually came there right after school and ate cup ramen there while waiting.

This was the only scribble I found. Maybe because YG just moved here not long ago (3 Feb 2010). Because I read that the old place was full of scribbles and messages from their fans.

Spot 2NE1's Park Boem!

All the luxurious cars!

There, briefly the address. Hahahaha. Nahhhh I'm not that stingy, this is how you can get there, for me from Hapjeong Station:

Leave Hapjeong Station at exit 8 and follow the road. Walk past the SK Gas Station and turn right. Walk for a couple of hundred yards and keep looking left. There it is next to an apartment block called, ‘Prouod‘. The apartment might block your view of the unique design of the building when you first enter the street, walk further in for clearer view.

After an hour at YG building we settled for dinner at Hongdae night market.


Fried meat rolls, just like fried popiah.

The famous Korean Sundae (soondae), not the ice cream sundae at McD wtf. All the pig's inner. Not really my taste because you'll get fed up very fast eating this. But it is pricey and Koreans love it.

Sundae (Korean pronunciation: [sundɛ], also sometimes spelled soondae) is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig's intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. -wikipedia

Ramen! Many asked whether the packet ramen there is the same like our maggi mee or the ramen bought in Malaysia. Perhaps we only order ramen when we were too full or have no appetite to eat, or maybe it was just our feelings, it does taste better. :P

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