Monday, December 12, 2011

Life is funny

P/s: This is just a short post on my point of view. I am writing it in my blog just because I don't think it suits to be a Facebook status or a tweet on Twitter wtf. Lately I had been thinking a lot about life. Not my own life. I had been very busy body thinking about everyone's life wtf. Read on, this might prevent you from Insomnia wtf. Here goes...

Just now I watched the daily news on TV. Towards the end they usually broadcast overseas news. The first news that caught my attention was of a pair of Siamese twins in Japan. Their surgery is too costly for the parents because they are not from a well to do family. And they wish to get help from the public. Besides that, the surgery to separate them will be very risky because both of the babies are suffering from Yellow fever and heart problems. They are also connected with a large blood vessel and may cause complications if separated. Even though only I only saw them through my lousy old TV screen FML, those tiny round eyes looking like those on Puss in boots and made me think whether God is really this unfair. 

Right after the news about the Siamese twins, it was a news about the war in Afghanistan. I saw people shooting at each other, then there were bombings, from the TV screen of course wtf. Terrorists running around firing their armor at random people on the street. Activists go to the extreme and get hundreds or thousands killed. All of a sudden I had this thought. When part of the world tried so hard to keep someone alive, tried so hard to sustain lives after lives...there are other parts of the world where people don't seemed to bother about live, rather than to sustain, they would destroy lives.

Life is funny (or weird in the matter of fact) isn't it? When someone is going through hell trying to conceive a baby, spending hundred thousands just to get pregnant...another person just get pregnant so easily and choose to dumb the baby by the roadside, or worst in the rubbish bin.

A friend once said, there can be no kindness without evil and there is no evil without kindness. If only either one of these existed, everything would have been neutral, no one is kind and no one is evil. So do you still question God for good and evil? I would gladly have some opinions on this :)

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