Saturday, December 3, 2011

Change through time

I wanted to put plastic surgery as post title but blehhh I know many bloggers did such trick and it is sooo annoying knowing the post is nothing related to the title but it's merely used to attract moron readers like me wtf. Anyways...though the title is no where near interesting, read on cause I might do something, crazy??

For celebrities, there are always rumors about how different they look from their past pictures and then there will be a stir or whole forums created just to comment on whether they did any plastic surgery, get botox, which parts looked different. Some came out clear and admit having additional touch ups while others remained secretive though with obviously sharper nose, longer chin or larger eyes. And others denied the rumors saying all parts of him/her are 100% real. Even so, there are people who (perhaps #foreveralone and forever living in denial) like to make their own life chaotic, #busybody and mess up with others. The truth is, people just grow up and change. 

You reading this post, maybe another proof? 

Lately I had been meeting many relatives because it had been quite sometime that I got to have such a long holiday. Even within this one month, I met relatives who I might last seen last year (and it is already near to next year wtf). One common comment I got? Is that I looked different. I know many might thought I became fat (cause seemed like that is the most common comment from a relative who had not seen you for a long time wtf). Truth is I was never fat, am gaining weight but still not fat. They did comment about that but it is good thing that I am not thin anymore. My Mum's friend used to think I was sick, anorexic or something, but I am not. Just that my digestion is super fast. The most healthy organ on my body is most probably my intestines, I never had constipation before as well, and go to the loo at least twice a day wtf *touchwood*

Oh well back to talking about appearances which change through time, here I share mine. It took me quite sometime considering whether to put this online. Considering my very low popularity, it-makes-no-difference-to-have-past-photos-resurface and goes. 

Please close your mouth with your hand first before scrolling down because you might drop your jaw *puke*
Not because I was too charming till you will saliva but it's because I looked almost, not like me. Trust me, I was shocked as well when I went to search back for this photo. And my parents were practically LOL-ing until I thought maybe I was not born to them wtfff

Here is my Kindergarden graduation photo wtf. If I even understood what was graduation (except the beginning of a holiday) that time, I would have at least tidy my hair. Totally understandable that face features cannot be changed.

And if you think I recently looked different in photos (at least that is what I am thinking) is because I learned but not yet master the amazing skill of "camwhore", I posted a photo of me not camwhoring. It is true, camwhore pictures always turned out nicer because you know your own angle well. Check out how many of your Facebook friends are using camwhore pictures as their DP, you will be surprised (this survey may or may not include you yourself wtf)

I know most of you might be thinking I did a nose job. Nope, my nose is still flat and bulbous as ever. But I guess I am glad I grew up looking different?? wtf Cause when I checked on my past photos I thought I really resemble our ancestors, no, not my great great grandparents, but the much much more hairier ones, the ones who are placed at least #1 or #2 in Darwin's chart wtf

And here is one from Primary school era. Yes my face is still that tiny. Which is why I prefer not to get my hair tied up because it makes my face look even tinier and my neck longer.

Anyways, if you think face change through time is nothing, body changes too! Try TOP from Big Bang. Oh God by now my followers and loyal readers (wtf if got laaaa) would have known that I am a huge Big Bang fan. TOP was very chubby even during his teenage time and he manage to loose weight within a year. Now he is one of the hottest Kpop Idols. I don't think my brother is a fan of TOP (because he likes Jpop, not Kpop) but he went through the same changes.

p/s: I didn't get permission for this though he knew that I was going to post these up after seeing me taking the photo albums out and started taking pictures. *Shhhhhh*

Actually not only my youngest brother, both of my brothers actually lost a lot of weight. But the youngest brother is currently obsessed with his body more than a girl is (here means me)

And if I am a man, yes, I would want to work out my body until like this as well. But sooo sad now as a girl I cannot make myself bootylicious wtf. So cannot expect so much from a man right, cause I am not trying myself hahahahaha

This post's pictures all are small sized because so shy la wanna put big pictures when you look almost not human and when you are half naked (even though not myself wtf). So do you look different from your past photos? Share your link/post with me, I would enjoy reading how much people change. Provided you are not a celebrity because that might cause a stir.


SengYee said...

LOL..this is interesting..haha..

Michelle Felton said...

You bro is hawt yo. lol

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Yea that is why now my expectations on guys are higher... blame my brothers. LMAO

Xenoratz said...

Ask ur bro teach me how to work out le...XD

MayLin :: Melinda said...

My bro go on diet ler, dun eat anything with oil/fried. Even I never diet before. Hahaha. And eat an egg everyday. He dun go gym but at home daily workout using dumbbells. Must be disciplined la, he got his own workout schedule :D

Xenoratz said...

haha...hw cn he hav such persistence long as de food look n taste nice,i can't resist to not put it in my mouth dy...>.< first i thought wan go gym bt after i start working and all de classes reali can't get de time to go gym...T.T