Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kpop Music Festival in Sarawak

But turned out it was fake... T______T

The actual promotional poster shared. Yes, thissssss blur and you cannot even see the contact number. Which was why I was already thinking that this is a scam.

Anyways, I can see obviously no YG Ent artists and everyone knows I am pro YG fan, except SHINee from SM Ent but I saw SHINee after all wtf will blog about this, so I was not so fond. I want to see Big Bang and 2NE1!

It has been rumored since a day or two ago and I actually didn't believe it and might believe 50% Infinite's (one of the Kpop group "suppose" to perform) manager actually shared the promotional poster himself on Facebook. I immediately Google for the news but no official announcement, and I found out that Golden Disk Award in Osaka, Japan will be on 11 and 12 January. At least 80% of the "suppose" performers are confirmed attending, so how can they be at 2 places at a time??? FTL. Few hours after that an Infinite member confirmed that the news is fake wtf. Kuching never had a Kpop concert, not even a Korean star came... So the news was biggggg and I saw people even tagged all their buddies asking whether they wanna go together FHL.

Oh and I am not thattttt disappointed as well, not only because no YG artists but because on 12 Jan I am going somewhere else muahahhahaha 


Anyways, came back home to a BBQ dinner. I was working the whole day so my brothers who are both on holidays did everything #likeaboss. 

Cool thing about my family? We all drink and to my surprise my Mum said: "Sometimes drinking is good." And she said to my brother: "If you want more go and take yourself." And when we mix the portions with other gassy drinks, my Dad said: "Hmmm too dilute."  wtf. No, none of us are alcoholic. My dad just encouraged us to learn how to drink at young age so that we don't get drunk easily when asked to drink at dinner/party.

After dinner I told my Mum about my vacation plan to Thailand but I will be travelling for Christmas next week and another 2 weeks early January with my friends. Then maybe roadtrip during Chinese New Year. So we are spending really a lot. T___T Sorry Mummy~


Did I mention that I remove oil seeds @ Syringoma  on my face? I had really bad Syringoma because I have oily inner skin and dry outer skin. So the oil is not balance and keep coming out. Which is why I don't have pimple (pimple caused by both sides oily or outer only oily). Used laser treatment at Beauty Angel in Kuching. Experience, I can stand this more than extraction FML. Though you will smell burning smell and your heart beating extremely fast fearing the beautician will burn your whole skin wtf. And took at least 2 weeks for the dead cells to be removed.

I did mine at student price, RM600. ECF cream to speed up cell growth, RM168. These are not compulsory but to prevent reoccurance and spending more on laser again...I bought skincare worth RM208, soothing lotion and RM168, oil control serum both from BioScience. You good in Maths?? Yes, more than RM1k FML. But I am satisfied with the result, so far. And good thing about doing it at an official beauty centre and using the products recommended, is that you can always go back to them if anything goes wrong. Unlike using products from the counter such as from Watson or Guardian.

Alright...time for bed. 1 final week working as Admin Trainee. Gonna miss all the colleagues, they are so cute and the office is always full of laughter....and


Anonymous said...

so it means just infinite will go??

MeiLin said...

no it had been confirmed that the concert is not going to happen. the manager was probably fooling around and one of the infinite member asked him to take down the link.