Monday, December 19, 2011

Recycle cooking oil from sewage

Disclaimer: This is a very disgusting post, do not scroll down if you just ate and gets nausea very easily. I almost puked typing this. Read at own risk, or better, prepare a plastic bag, just in case wtf. And photos credited to Google Image.

As people get smarter, they get more cunning. The big brains are used for something worthless. Advancement is pharmaceutical is used to create dangerous products which kill people. Even eggs can be fake?? Poultry are injected for good sales. And now the oil from the sewage is recycled and sold to the public? Pffffff! wtf your people, your younger generations are the one who going to consume these, Y u NO the brain??!!

Before all these advancement, life was simple. We get everything from nature. Now that the nature is polluted and depleting, we try to find alternatives to replace nature. However none of these replacements are near nature, they are just mixtures of chemicals.

Have you seen oil floating in the sewage or drain near any food center/court?

Let me refresh your memory:

Ermmm.....something near that.

Truth is this is a very old news about people in China recycling their oil, from the SEWAGE and GUTTERS. Also they pay the food stalls certain amount for their OVERUSED/DISCARDED cooking oils. This news appeared again yesterday on a China TV channel because after much enforcement, there are still illegal mills making recycled oil. And this time they showed the whole process from collecting the oil to keeping them in bottles to sell in the market. They also interviewed the people who did all those dirty jobs.

According to The New York Times, Asia Pacific back in 2010 when the news just broke out, 1 of 10 meals in China is prepared using recycled oil. Indeed these oil are sold at much cheaper rate, which is why we are told to be cautious about these oil imported from China. The bottles used to fill these recycled oils are also recycled bottles and can be labeled differently from the actual product inside.

Workers collect oil from sewage or drainage near restaurants. *gulp*
Actually you don't need to see the whole process, knowing where are the sources for these recycled oil is enough to open up your eyes and left your jaw hanging wtf

Then they bring back the oil, separate the solids, plastics or whatever. 
I don't want to say this but probably so dead insects or rats wtfffff.

The oil is then boiled to further separate water from oil when it cools down. Flavoring, the one I heard on yesterday's news was peanut flavoring, and also colouring are added. 

And get the oil which looks like new but of course you don't know the process of how it was created. You just go to the supermarket and buy the cooking oil on sales wtf

Most of these are the common cooking oil used and peanuts oil wtf. When I was watching the news with my Dad, he said Thank God we are using local oil, Corn oil or Olive oil. Lets pray that people stop getting smarter, making money the "smart" (ass) way. These recycled oil is 100 times more harmful than Arsenic.

It is reported that recycled oil is also found in Vietnam so be aware.

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GreatGooglyMoogly said...

Disgusting ... I am curious as to details on this oil being 100x more poisonous than Arsenic.