Friday, December 16, 2011

Korean skincare bargain!

I need to sell off the famous skincare from Korea. I was so excited when I grabbed these but most of them are impulsive purchase and turn out not suitable for my skin T___T  If you read my previous post you will see that I am currently using dermatologist recommended skincare to heal white heads, blackheads and terrible oil seeds.

The good thing is they are all great bargains!! because you get to offer me your price, but of course be reasonable. All are brought all the way from Korea and brand new!

1. MISSHA Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel

It's like when you say Korea, you think of Missha and The Face Shop wtf. Bought around RM30, don't ask me for the exact price because I bought all of the skincare with my friends, we shared receipt and receipts are gone FOL

2. INNISFREE Olive Real Power Cream

Okay who don't know SNSD aka Girl's Generation. And YooNa apparently is the apple of the famous girl group. Innisfree ambassador is YooNa of SNSD!! This cream is highly recommended for dry to combination skin. I just found out from my dermatologist that my skin is oily, which is why I had oil seeds. So big no for this. Retailed around RM60.

3. TONYMOLY Pore Tightening Set of 5

This is one product I had been looking for in Malaysia, for pore tightening. You always see products for whitening and hydrating but with large pores, none of these two products will work as you expect. Me and my friend grabbed this set without thinking much, plus, another friend who went to Korea months before mentioned that TonyMoly is her favourite Korean brand of all! Bought at around RM250 for set of 5. Set consists of Cleanser, Toner,Emulsion(lotion), Cream(moisturizer), Essence. And all the bottles are large size, not trial type.

Offer me your best price!!
And if you saw lower price on some website, 
let me know perhaps I can offer you better :D

 If you are from Kuching, we can meet up at the nearest location to you. 
And I do ship all around Malaysia (minimum postage fee applied).

I really want to let go, no use using the products that don't suit me.
It's easy, just click the Korean Skincare Inquiry button below!
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I am thinking about giving free Skincare products to my readers. I got lots and lots of samples, which I cannot use as well due to my skin condition FML. Will think of an idea. Till then I will post less crappy stuffs and be more hardworking. *you know its not as true as it sounds wtf*

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Nava.K said...

Seems like great products and Korean brands a making big ways into our market.