Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fail blogger

I am writing this post in a rush because Daddy is asking me to go to bed naooo, as in NOW! at freaking 8.45PM as I am typing this. Yes in fact I am already sleepy and since I started working I had been sleeping before 9AM.

I will talk about my job some other time, or maybe by that time I had stopped working and so, I will have more time to blog wtf #failblogger. Anyways just express that it actually creeps me out that my emails became so formal and my documents got organized, I used highlighter for my flight itineraries and hotel bookings wtf. I was always that traveller who never bothered printing out anything except that compulsory boarding pass. What have this Admin job turned me into??

Moving on...I saw many bloggers having their own header. XiaXue and Chuckei recently just changed their header and XiaXue's header damn cio okayyy Holland bunny damnnn cute. But then again, I got no time. Everyday come back around 6PM already half dead, next day need to wake up 7AM T___T Working life is no fun (except (f)punny colleagues), I still prefer studying. At least you got min. 1 week break (though incomparable with my now-4-months-break), when you start working and you ask for 1 week break, you will got blablablablabla by the boss before he/she approves, or maybe got rejected right away.

Let me know what you want me to blog about cause this failing wtf

Anyways, so long and goodnight.
Wait, supper first, I am hungrehhh

Ok bai :)