Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If tomorrow never comes,
she will still love him.

Life had been up and down since she fell sick.
She was moody and emotional,
sensitive and inconsiderate.
She felt helpless.
All she knew is for him to be beside her.
And he did, every moment when she needed him.
Yet, she did not treat him great.
She ignored him and used the yes-no law she created.
He was awfully confused, upset and annoyed.
But he was wonderful as usual, despite all,
he will not give up on her.
His patience was worth everything...

One day, she was not feeling well,
but she managed to gave him a smile after being moody for days...
and he said : "I miss your smile." X)

He held her hand and accompanied her through the rain.
All the way, she held his hand tight,
not wanting to let go.
She stared at him wondering whether he is the one.
She did not bothered what was ahead,
knowing he will always protect her.
He smiled back at her and made her day.

He cured her sore throat, her flu and her fever.
His smiles, jokes and laughters did.
He said no one can hold her hands except him.
She knew he was joking,
she smiled at herself reading his text message.
Every night before bed, she will look at the smiley beside his name.
To her, he is always the cheerful and loving guy,
who can always make her day.

Now he is not feeling well, she prays he will get well soon.
She promises to take care of him, just like how he did to her.

She asked : "How if I only have 3 months left?"
He said : "Then I will make them the best 3 months for you..."

If tomorrow never comes,
she'll stay beside him till the very end.

To a special one,
Thank you....
Take care and get well soon...
God bless you...

*5 fingers* X))

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