Saturday, March 7, 2009

When I called it a day, but more to come...

  • Before

3am-8.15am : Slept
*Something is wrong with my biological clock again*

8.15am-9am : Woke up & prepared for class
*sore throat got better, thanks Sook Harn for the medicine & Clare for the soup...Thanks dears!*

9am-10am : Physics lecture
*Dr.John taught us about using Right Hand Rule -2,
or better known as Right Hand Grip Rule*

10am-11am : An hour break
*went for some lecture notes printing at CAL Lab for the whole hour*

11am-12pm : ICIS lecture
*Did and discussed some past years test
questions to prepare for the coming Test 1*

12pm-1pm : Engineering Maths lecture
*Given more examples on rate. Discussed
past years questions given few days ago*

1pm-2pm : An hour break
*Took lunch at USM cafe*

2pm-4pm : ICIS Multimedia lab replacment
*Learned Excel 2, got ours some assignments...sigh~*

4pm-5pm : An hour break
*Went back to USM, took some rest and tea*

5pm-8pm : Chemistry tutorial replacement
*Discussed about tutorial 3, took an additional 1 hour
and nobody bothered to tell the tutor, wtf*

8pm-8.15pm : Reached my room at last
*Didn't managed to bath, changed straight and
went for dinner and modern dance meeting*

8.15pm-8.40pm : Dinner
*Took dinner at USM cafe with him*

8.40pm-10.15pm : Modern Dance / Breakdance Club meeting
*Practiced old moves since most crew are still not ok
with most moves, especially me..sigh!*

10.15pm-11.20pm : Stroll in UTP for fresh air after a super hectic day
*Sorry to CSS that I'm not able to attend today's prayer meet,
you can see how hectic I was*

11.20pm-12.30am : Went to V5 mamak
*Took some 2 roti canai, was starving*

12.30am-2.00am : Reached my room
*After all those, 1st time I set my butt on my bed since
I left for lectures early in the morning*

2.00am -2.30am : Bathe
*Seriously bathe at that hour, felt so fresh...
not cold at all, maybe cause I was sweaty*

2.30am-3.30am : Watched videos
*As usual, I was checking on some dance moves by
Wonder Girls & SNSD-sudden interest*

3.30am-4.50am : Tried some moves
*Of course after watching I tried, but not much success-
I was too tired to my legs or arms*

4.50am : Blogging
*Here I am now blogging about what happened in the past 24 hours*

^^[time shown are not exact, just approximation]^^

  • Soon

~Will be having sleepover at Sook Harn's room cause my room is too warm.

~Going down to Ipoh whole day, practically from 11am to 10pm
(shop & attend mass).

~Seriously need to catch up on my studies especially Physics and ICIS
(tests coming).

~Learn "Tell Me" dance by Wonder Girls, then, "Nobody".

~If I'm free, will learn "Irony" by Wonder Girls and "Gee" by SNSD.

~Mid term coming in 2 weeks time (KL, Genting, Pangkor, Penang, Langkawi....???)

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