Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's with some guys??

I thought that the saying : "Guys only look at the short term of a situation" is not so much of a truth. But seemed that research had been done so detailed that time after time I can always prove how true it is. This is mostly applicable only to non-intimate-related duo (only friends or unmarried couples)

Conversation 1

Guy 1 said~
I will love you forever and ever!

Her thoughts~
(how true can that be? Is his "forever" means few days? few months? years??)

Conversation 2

Guy 2 said~
Let's discuss about this other days. It's still long/far.

Her thoughts~
(you think I live forever is it? how if I die an hour later? you want to discuss with a ghost in the next few days?)

Conversation 3

Guy 3 said~
Wahh...still long, why are you planning all these now?

Her thoughts~
(ever heard about sold out tickets? or traffic jam? or improper planning?)

Conversation 4

Guy 4 said~
You girls are all the same!

Her thoughts~
(wtf! just because thousands of girls dumped you doesn't mean the other millions will even date you!)

Conversation 5

Guy 5 said~
You should not date him! He's not the right guy! You barely know him...

Her thoughts~
(so you mean I should date you?? *nothing-coming...nothing-coming...*)

Conversation 6

Guy 6 said~
Can we have sex? I promise I'll be responsible and take care of you...

Her thoughts~
(if I get pregnant, you ask me abort? what makes you think I'll agree even the slightest? are you sure you're not a Casanova, which you think you can make me a b*tch??)

*There are actually more conversations that show the silly-ness of SOME guys... I said SOME, not all.

*But I guess 6 are enough to show what girls think when guys say something which sounds totally wrong.

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