Sunday, April 18, 2010


My heart is aching but I still think of you.

My heart must be cursing my brain so much.

I bought a dress for today but I guess you will never get to see it.

I prepared my heart for today but I guess I will never feel it.

I looked forward to today but I guess it will never come.

Take your time, as much as you want.

Cause I think my heart is tired cursing.

My brain is also tired thinking.

If you think I always wanna win in any situation, you are wrong.

I am giving up this time, for real.

I know how much you did, how much you sacrificed.

I knew I did much little than did.

So it's okay.

You win.

Let it be cause there is no use trying.

To you, my effort always make things worst.

Enough said and done.

Happy 17th Month.

I am not sad.

Thank you.

Still love you.


1 comment:

Isabel said...

meilinnie... sometimes u both need time for your own selves... just hang in there and u both will surely miss each other... hugs...