Friday, April 9, 2010

Stupid counter ladies

I'm damn pissed now by the stupid impolite ladies

at the Bandar Sri Iskandar , Tronoh, Perak Post Office.

There, I am announcing it out loud the exact location.

I even remember their names but for privacy they will be kept.

So here goes the story....

I wanted to post out some clothes to my customers

using Pos Express & Pos Laju.

Previously I went there,

I asked the envelopes from the counter

and she rudely said we need to line up.

That was like so stupid cause we are not doing any transaction,

I just need one fucking envelope!

(which she can grab from beside her while sitting)

And the queue was approximately an hour long.

And imagine that we need to line up AGAIN

after filling in the address and stuffs.

Means like 2 hours just lining up. wtfff!

So I learned my lesson this time,

no need thick face go ask envelope,

just go queue up first before the queue gets longer

while you are arguing for nothing.

And so damn!!

This time there were only two counters opened.

When it was the turn of the man in front of me,

one of the counter suddenly closed down.

That time I was already so pissed cause the queue was so long,

and there was only one counter.

So I eventually bought my envelopes.

I filled up the details and stuffs and when I queue up to post it,

she said Pos Express only for documents!


fml maxxxx!!

Cause I received my clothes through Pos Express trillions of times,

and before this I did post clothes using Pos Express,

of course not at the same post office.

So wth is wrong?!?!

It's still below 500gm and plus minus 10mm okayyyyy...

Shit la those people, make me queue like hell for nothing.

And so fucking rude,

working with customer almost show that ten cent face (muka seposen).

Not efficient, unfriendly is enough to prove a terrible customer service.

I won't deal with them anymore.



Aidi-Safuan said...

haha..quite an experience u have here. :)

ganbangbang said...

very true mei lin. i hate that bloody post office too! eeee...

Gallivanter said...

Yikes! Hence I've given up going to government offices - pointless.

Clare Marie Sia said...

should be a wantan le? she's having PMS maybe..