Saturday, April 3, 2010

more info...

...on my life.

A very hectic day.

9-11am I had lecture, then did assignment till 3pm.

Our lecture room is like the IRC.

No one was using so we occupied it.

Had Mapping test from 3-5pm.

Sent the bf to the bus station, he's away for PCC meeting in Penang.

Became emo.

Made already upset bf even more upset.

Drove back uni in super heavy rain.

Almost got lost and died cause car skidded.

Road almost flooded.

But thank God I'm safe.

Went to Main Hall, some briefing.

Went to Chancellor Hall, Childpro Charity Night.

Super tired since 9am not back to my room.

Was nice but too tired, not so enjoy.

The bf don't reply message or call.

Assume asleep.

Think positive (though I know he's doubting us now).

Heartache, but try to carry on.

Leave him on his own for a while.

Give him more time and space.

I must get rid of my emo attitude as well.

I miss him though...

Tomorrow semi-climax, wish me luck!

And also to participants of Euphonious 2010 (click for more info).

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