Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Favourite Sport

If the bf reads this he would be killing me,

so let's just hope he won't read my blog these few days.

As you can see, in the previous post also I sort of talk bad about him.

The fact is actually I don't do sports.

I want to jog but the jogging track in so far from my dorm.

I want to swim but everytime I have the mood the swimming pool is closed.

I want to play squash but the limited courts are always full of pro players.

I want to play tennis but I do not have that much stamina.

I want to play badminton but again the courts always full.

I want to play table tennis (pingpong) but no partner and I suck.

I am kaki bangku so I don't play futsal or football.

I am tangan bangku (if there's such word)

so I don't play volleyball or basketball.

So the bf is always forcing me to do sports, whatever it is.

He is a freaky big fan of futsal, like no futsal can die.

But of course I always have a way to escape, but my classes usually end late.

I do exercise everyday, I walk to lectures everyday.

That is enough to kill me, I can sweat more than playing squash.

And for Christ sake I am already so thin,

imagine if I exercise much.

I know people say do sports make you fit and not thin.

But how can you be fit if you are fat or obese?

I don't want to get any thinner than I am right now.

You are fat, whoever you are and I don't care.

Just let me know how you got fat.

Fine, I am out of topic.

Let's get back.

Since there are so many sports I am bangku (read : stupid) at,

I am currently only interested in dancesports.

Yes, dancing.

Like this :

or like this :

Ok, fine. Actually it's like this :

Perhaps most of my readers knew already from my previous posts.

I took Latin dance classes, and spent hundreds for my dance shoes.

Indeed, dancing is an international sport.

I have always wanted to continue dancing but due to transportation problem,

I had to cancel my plan.

I even emailed MY Dance Studio in Ipoh to arranged weekend classes,

pathetic enough it turned out that I am not free even during weekends.

There, the only sports I am interested in but no hope in doing it.

I thought that the money, the fees doesn't matter.

It turned out that the time matters more.

Now the only chance for me to do my favourite sport

is whenever I get back home.

How convenient it is to have dance studios nearby.

And I swear the only sweat I am comfortable in is the sweat after I dance.

How on Earth can someone be comfortable in sweat right. LOL

So try the Adidas products!

Especially the anti-perspirant spray

while you're doing your favourite sport!! :)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by

Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


Javier said...

it's been scientifically proven that you can be FIT even though you're FAT.

but anyway, please forgive my frankness, but that's one pushy BF. XD

axiz of alteration said...

heyys u still into dance? haha i'll be performing for the latino fest in my uni tomoro. if ure interested in latin classes or videos of our performances let me noe...

p/s: gud to noe u still have the drive to dance in u, i was hoping i wasnt the oni one in our old dancing group lol...

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Javier : I knew. but then obese is not. hahah. and thin doesn't mean fit oso right...

Ash : yup. last sem break I went to alexis's studio. but then UTP is freakin far from town, what more to say dance studio. I'm losing my memory on dance.