Monday, April 19, 2010

My version of grooming tips

When talking about grooming,

all I can think of is your dress code, hair do and make ups.

Mind you, it applies to both guys and girls.

My Uni has this event called Corporate Grooming.

It is an event who teach you how to dress up,

how to talk in public and all those table manners.

And we have catwalk by students as well.

Like all those grooming or make over session,

it cost a lot so mostly those run kids join it.

My tips (simple as abc 123) :

1. make sure you wear the proper attire for the right occasion

- you can dress like lady gaga for a costume party or celebrities theme party,
but of course not for interview or sport

2. just make your hair neat

- you don't need a whole container of wax or a whole can of mousse.
just comb them or cut them short (for guys) to ease you.
girls can just tie them in a neat bun, it will look presentable enough.

3. stay not more than 30cm from the mirror

- you need to check clearly whether you still have shit on your eyes,
or bits of food in between your teeth (cause I wear braces & I know better),
shit hanging from your nose and so on.

4. put on some make ups if needed

- warning : please do not ever try to be like a clown.
I did few tutorials on make up, I feel like a clown,
but I never wear them out XD

But what is up will the nice dress, attractive hair and

great make ups when you still have flaws like....

.....sweaty underarms and body odour??

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez are well known couple,

but the sweat patch kills their look on the red carpet.

So how can you out there avoid this?

Introducing :

Adidas Action 3 -for women

(comes in Intensive, Control, Sensitive, Fresh, Pure, Pro-clear)

Adidas Action 3 -for men

(comes in Intensive, Control, Sensitive, Fresh, Pure, Pro-level)

So the 3 steps how Adidas Action 3 works :

1. Helps block perspiration

2. Keeps you fresh

3. Dry Max system to absorb extra wetness

Not only you can smell good all day in your sexy and smart outfit,

but you can get rid of those sweat patches!


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