Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day out, Cash out

Went down to Ipoh this afternoon with Jeremy. So there goes my cash. Had the initial intention just to get my laptop fixed and buy new pair of sandals, not slippers, because my old one I bought from (shop of shoes) SOS in Kuching almost a year ago is almost totally worn off. First stopped at Batu Gajah, added 2G RAM to my laptop, was very costly for 2G but not that we had much choice. I just knew from the salesman that Windows XP actually does not work well with Compaq laptops, where if installed with Windows XP, there maybe network or sound problem. Which I actually did had network problem when previously I was using Windows XP. He also said that 1G RAM I had was only the minumum requirement and for my laptop, it was not sufficient. After adding 2G RAM, at last my Physical memory dropped from 90% to 40%. After upgrading my laptop's RAM, we went to Greentown Mall. Jeremy went to Digi Centre to change his call plan to D'campus. Right, he wants to sms me for free, the reason why previously he did not really reply my messages or call me is because his previous call plan was expensive. Hmmm... At the same time, I went to shop for footwear. That old pair of SOS I bought in Kuching had been loyal to me. It had followed me all over Kuching during my semester break, follow me back to my village and got tortured by my lil cousins, followed me to lectures, to shopping malls, to the cafeterias, even to the toilets. The new pair of sandal is black and strapped, unlike the old one which is bronze and open toes. But since I bought it for lecture, I make sure there are no heels or 1/2 inch at most. Besides, to take the place of my loyal wedges, which I bought when I was selected to go for PETRONAS Educamp, I also bought a 3 1/2 inches purple strapped heels. The sad thing about me buying footwear is I can never find the right size, being a petite with feet sized 3, or for some brands, even 3 is too large. The only thing I can do is to buy those cheap shoes, made in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Thailand or Indonesia. Pathetic cause I can never fit in those branded shoes, except if I get them tailored made. The reason is Asians tend to have smaller feet size compared to the Westerns, so just like the cheap sandals and heels, size 4 is just right. The only so called branded foot wear for ladies with size 3 currently is Vincci, which their designs are not so of my taste. I had another 4 inches heels back home, size 3 from Evado. Imagine how happy I was to find heels of size 3 from another brand besides Vincci. I was quite lucky cause size 3 was only for that particular design, which I love. After that I never see any more size 3 heels. I bought most of my ballerina flats from some China or Thailand Made, and one even from the Children department. of Evado Having such small size feet, I had troubles looking for fully covered and peep toes heels. I can never walk in them without padding even for size 3. Exactly, I need size 2 for fully covered and peep toes heels. Guess I am not destinied to own them, until I found one, and I am still looking. :D Besides buying 2 pairs of footwear, I bought a blusher made from Taiwan. Make ups from Japan and Taiwan are just great, but please do not compare them to Anna-Sui, Shiseido, Stage or MAC. For affortable make ups, the blusher is quite vibrant and long lasting. By the way, the brand is Mei Linda. Yea, one of the reason I bought it is because of the name. Now the only thing missing is more eye shadows. XD That's all for now. Study time. Moral presentation, Moral quiz and Talent Search's Family Day on this coming Friday. ONE more week till Inter Campus Gathering and Mid-Sem break, I'm excited.

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