Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Expectations? Think.

When they could not give us what we want,

or when they give us more than what we want,

is it time to find the one who gives us just right?



Viya said...

Appreciate with what you have before it's too late...

SengYee said...

At least they give u more than what u want at a part..
n they could not give u what u want in another part..
But at least it is balanced..
This is LIFE

michkirszanelee said...

Yes, it's time. Damn right.

MayLin :: Melinda said...

viya : i guess it's human nature to want more or want less, it's like rebelling against what's right...doing somethingbad rather than something right, even when you knew it's bad.

seng yee : what if the giving more and giving less are different ppl?? means it's not balance rite? so u have to find another who has it just rite? haha

mich : all the best. will still love u watever choice u make.. i know how it feels, i've faced the same issues, more than once, or twice. haha.. :)