Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It used to be like that

I used to be different, I used to be...not me. XD

Only one or two knew my real self but things changed.

Yet, not many knew I've changed.

Sometimes I miss my old self but I knew I've changed for good.

It makes me wonder.

Why is it human nature, to do something bad,

though you knew it from the beginning?

I thought,

why are men given temptations and choices,

when we are supposed to do just the rights?

Weird isn't it?

But I believe everything happen for a reason.

I may not have enough faith in Him.

Just like others of different religions or free thinkers,

we still have believes, which is to believe in our own self.

Even without religion,

we know what is right and what is wrong.

Religion is just a guide for us to lead a better life,

to fear if we do something bad.

I am not born in a Christian family.

My Mum became a chirstian when she was in college,

my Dad is a free thinker until today.

It's useless to force someone to believe what he don't.

I was baptised when I was in form4.

I never go for Sunday schools or read the Holy Bible.

But my family go to church once in a while,

even my Dad followed, he try to learn about God's words.

I put my faith more in Him these days.

How much hardships I faced,

I knew there must be something behind those.

Perhaps He wants me to learn and experience.

I did my first Bible sharing last Friday during prayer meeting.

I was of course nervous.

I have shallow knowledge on the Bible,

I never shared Gospel in public.

I did The Book of Revelation on the 7 Trumpets.

Before prayer meet, I studied the whole chapter.

Read over twice.

I don't really get it on some parts,

but I do understand God has something to inform us.

I tried to share what I knew,

and hopefully the others gain something from it.

Though it was not so accurate and maybe misleading. XD

For our love to God and human kind.


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