Friday, September 11, 2009

Make Ups vs Games

I just came back from 2 meetings,
which were held at the same time and same venue.
Of course I prioritize one before the other.
I wasn't feeling tired after the meetings,
but there were some kinda confusion in my mind.
With Moral presentations and Moral quiz tomorrow.
Plus the need to wake up at 6.30am tomorrow,
in order to reach Ipoh before 7.30am to make our passports.
In so much constrain,
I suddenly had the feeling to do make ups.
It was already 12.30am by then,
and my friends thought I was crazy.
I suddenly thought of it as a new way to release tension,
just like how guys did with their games.
But of course my way maybe more costly.
I even managed to cam whore after the make up session. wtf

Freaking weird smile with my whole upper braces showing.

Here you can see clearly that I learned to make my nose look a lil sharper.
The actual way is to apply dark eye shadow at the sides and blend it.
But since I only have glittery eye shadow, I used eyebrow liner instead.
And used cotton bud to blend it. :D

For the eyes, I used 2 types of blue.
Dark blue for the edges and light blue at the center.
I also added light blue beside the dark blue edges for more dramatic look.
I used pencil eyeliner for lower lids and liquid for upper lids.

It has been so long since I applied make ups.
And this look (drmatic blue) is a lil too over for daily use.
For natural make ups, avoid too thick foundation and eyeshadow.

p/s : I think it's time for me to trim my eye brows.
Anyone can help? :D


Daphnee said...

hahaha. me makey up too when im wana release stress. hahaa. then wash if off:P guess im not the only one here. haaha.

i wana reshape my eyebrow too! going to shop to do it. hehee

MayLin :: Melinda said...

owh..I thought I was the only one too.. haha! Yea, after make up, take pics a lil then wash off. Where is the shop u wana go?

Daphnee said...

hahaha! girls ... call me next time when u wana play with make up. hehee.

i still dono yet o.. im going out tomorrow. hopefully can find one decent one to do my brows. there is one in jusco. but i forgotten the name. hmmm

MayLin :: Melinda said...

wan lin oso can join.. :)

Wan Lin said...

yeahhh!! i used to do that too las time!!! hahaha!!! ^^
brows brows... a cheap and nice alternative is to go do threading first... after that u maintain it urself. look at my brows =P

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Ooo...girls thought alike. Hehe..
I dun noe how to maintain.. LOL Or maybe more to lazy to maintain. XD