Monday, September 7, 2009


It was like those usual days I try to get naps after strainning my eyes in front of my laptop for the whole afternoon. The weather was warm, but cooler than the usual weather in my Uni. I was lying on my bed, with the alarm already set at 7.30PM. I forced myself to wake up an hour later for dinner and shower. Tonight, we are going to prepare our own meal - pasta. I was not sure whether I slept well. I heard my phone ringing and thought my alarm rang, you know how people can get blurry when they just woke up. I pressed the answer button to switch off the alarm. Then I saw "Daddy" written on the screen. It was my Dad who called. I had no choice but to answer the call this time. Yes, usually I just ignore it when I am sleeping. Mum was the one who wanted to talk to me, asked me about my studies, I told them it is not easy, asked about my midterm break, told them I got all planned. They hung up then.

I was already wide awake after talking to my Mum. Like any other mothers, she asked non -top questions and gave tonnes of advises. I tried to get back to sleep but to no vail. I held my phone in my hand and started browsing through some old pictures in my gallery. It was then the memory suddenly strucked me. I scrolled to the Messaging icon and typed a message to him, "Dear, u remember dat time we went out by bus when we're still not couple... U asked me to lean on your shoulder to sleep but I was too shy to say yes.. Haha." He replied, "Yeah, I do remember hehe. The following time we went out, u finally leaned on me. Hehe." Iregreted not leaning on him that day cause after that my neck was aching and he actually teased me. We went out a few times as friends, and there were these awkward moments we had. The memories came back all of a sudden. How he first asked me out, how we first held each other hands, how we used to star gaze together... After the arguments we had lately, things seemed to start a new. I realized how much he meant to me and the memories cannot be wiped out just in a blink. We had too much to let it go so easily.

Suddenly I heard noises from outside. Pufff, my mind went blank. But I know the memories will stay, and from day to day I will still remember, what we had together were irrepaceable.


Wan Lin said...

LOL im sure the noises were from CLARE THE BITCH!!!!!! LOL

Wan Lin said...

ok jk ><

Isabel Goh said...

owh mei lin... yea, ur right. esp "We had too much to let it go so easily."... thank u mei lin!!! love him as long as u can and i will love mine the same too. muaks.... we will always back u up k... :)

MayLin :: Melinda said...

wan lin : owh..clare that bitch?? was from them, but act innocent a lil la kan... LOL

isabel : haha..yea,we'll both love our jeremy lots2.. muacksss!!