Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pillow talks

It had been long since I last had heart to heart talks with the girls.

Since I came to UTP, everyone seemed to keep everything to themselves.

Practically everyone, including me.

It would be either talking over the phone or over the net with someone back home,

for some of the girls.

But not me. I like doing it face to face, looking at their expressions as they talk.

I miss all those pillow talks with my cousins.

We talked about most stuffs on those cute korean guys, our parents, uni life...

For the 3rd semester I had been in UTP, more than a year now.

It was only this semester that I thought there are stuffs that I need to tell someone.

Yeah, it all started weeks ago.

When I decided to tell Wan Lin about what I was facing.

I would cry then laugh and so on.

But I felt better after we talked.

Then me and Michelle had heart to heart talk last night.

I was shocked she is almost similar to me, since we were never really close.

But that's how we bond.

And then it snapped into my mind,

that most girls want what I want in relationships.

We have similar needs and simlar sensitivity and similar rebels,

and our live are quite like "Boys over Flower" and "Gossip Girls".

I thought I was over reacting and demanding something extra from him.

It was until all those pillow talks,

I found out some who are just friends to me,

are actually similar to who I am and understands me.

And yeah, I love them tonnessss! :D


michkirszanelee said...

oh yeah, baby! haha.

Wan Lin said...

darling, thats how u differentiate boys and girls

MayLin :: Melinda said...

mich & wan lin : thanks to u all, life feels much better.. XD