Friday, August 19, 2011

Gloves in a Bottle

For those who read my past post about my skin disease (here) would have known that there is no cure because it is an inheritance disease. However, research is still being done to find the best soothing method and possibly the way to prevent this disease from being passed down to the next generations. 

The last time I went back home, which was around 2 weeks ago I did some findings on the best was to sooth icththyosis and I came over this website on "Gloves in a Bottle". It is a type of moisturizing lotion for very dry skin. After reading the reviews, I decided to try out one 8oz bottle. FYI I am currently using St.Ives Hydrating Vitamin E lotion which looks like this (I wanted to seal the pictures from Google images but I thought good bloggers take their own pictures so yeayy! ehem2): 

And it had been serving me well. The lotion is very good in moisturizing but for exfoliation I need to scrub my body everyday. I previously used loofah everyday but after knowing that it will be too harsh to scrub the skin everyday, I bought a body and face scrub:

Though I do use it for my face more often than my body cause the beads are too small to exfoliate icththyosis dead skin cells. I only use it when I need to take a quick shower. Previously I also used St. Ives Intensive healing lotion. It has good moisturizing properties but I felt that I get darker after using it. Maybe it was just my feeling or maybe it has the tendency to react with the UV light.

So here I would like to review on "Gloves in a Bottle" which arrived a week ago but I only collected my parcels yesterday. The product is imported from the US. They mentioned that they distributed the products to their distributors in Malaysia, mostly pharmacies but the sizes are limited. It would be a hassle to go from pharmacies to pharmacies and I am pretty busy lately so I opt for delivery till my doorstep, I mean to my Uni.

Here is the box! Super secure hard box is used!

The postage itself was more than RM20. yikes!
Okayyyy so the truth is after I paid for it using my Mum's credit card,
only then I knew they are selling it in Malaysia's pharmacy. But then even so I was not bothered.
How much time and fuel will be wasted just to go find them.
Mind you I am living in a "jungle".
Everyday you will be annoyed by the noises of monkeys and wild boars. T__T

I bought the 8oz bottle, the smallest if I am not mistaken. 
You can buy the samples only but I guess it is not worth the postage fee.
The price of one 8oz bottle is $14.95 so it is around RM45.
I checked online that in Malaysia it is around RM55+.
I paid around RM75 including postage from US. 

It came with the reviews, you can read those online from their website.

As promised if you buy any of the bottles, of any size, you get free samples.
Which was why I said it is not worth just getting the samples.
One of these sample cost $2.
If you check their website, they also come in 1 gallon bottles.
This is because people having skin disease like me,
of having eczema need lots and lots of moisturizers.
I have 4 bottles of St.Ives lotion beside me right now. 
And 2 body shop lotions, 2 Garnier lotions. Ehehehe :)

This is how the bottle looks like!

But I think for my skin, this bottle is too small.
Like I mentioned, I probably need the 1 gallon bottle.
Even my St.Ives can only last me around 4 months per bottle.

And you can see that it is more watery and dilute (right),
compared to the St.Ives lotion (left)
Which is why I felt that it evaporates faster and you need to reapply more frequent.

I am currently just using this before bedtime.
For daytime I still use my St.Ives Hydrating Vitamin E lotion.

Perhaps I will do a review on how much it affects my skin.
But we'll see.
I am not so fond of showing my skin condition.
I just had a major breakout.
Or maybe it was the bed mites, dust mites, mosquitoes etc.


Nava Krishnan said...

St.Ives has some of the great face masks which I have been using for a long time.

`-MeL-` said...


dun worry, you're not alone. I actually have eczema, something like dry skin too which cause skin inflammation sometimes. I think i had it when I was in secondary but it was not that serious now but sometimes I do get those condition where i have red inflammation skin on my leg. I normally used an eczema cream that the doctor prescribe and I'm not the person to use lotion though i was advised to so it still comes back when my skin gotten dry n expose to dirt and stuff like that.

And now that I am in a condition of dry weather I can't help it but to keep using lotion all the time. I can understand ur feeling how u can't stop using it. haha and true enough there's no cure to it which is quite sad to me too. Thing is, as it was said it is inherited in family. I don't find my family having any skin diseases. maybe it was a generation of long long ago. haha hopefully the research being done will produce some cure to it soon so we don't have to keep suppress the symptoms.