Monday, August 15, 2011

A visit to UM's Geology Department

Last Friday, on 12th of August, we had a trip to the Geology department of University Malaya (UM). 
Later on in the evening, we had Iftar at Gombak. 
I edited these pictures at 5am so pleaseeee scroll down slowly. 

Need no introduction, the UTP bus

Arrival at UM's Geology department

Was welcomed by lecturers and a few students. UM students are on break.
Only some stayed doing their researches.

Had a briefing by a lecturer. Was given the overview of the courses offered in UM.

This lecturer is quite funny, his class must be fun. lol

The mini museum in UM geology department

We were divided into 2 groups for the tour around the labs.

Rocks sample collected. Kalah (loose) UTP wooo~

Had a demo by UM technician in the Thin section preparation lab

Just for display~

Again, for display only~

In the geochemistry lab

Hydrology lab~

Visiting the mini museum~

some Q&As~

Later on we stopped at Midvalley. 
There was a fire at Jusco. Firefighters all around. We went in anyways~

Had Popeye's for the first time. Worst fast food ever. 
And I thought Marrybrown was bad.

Your's truly with terrible eyebags, cause I slept only 2 hours prior to the trip T___T

On our way to Gombak!

Had Iftar at Pha Pha restaurant

The fish, I don't know fish names. Pardon me cause I don't really eat fish. Not bad. 
Rate 3.5/5 

I guess this is the signature dish.
The best tomyam so far. Even my Afircan friend loves it.
Rate 5/5! Must try

This is some chicken dish. very very very super duper spicy, to me.
Can't really taste it out, my tongue got numb once I took it.
Rate 2/5

The vege was so so, some seemed raw, and hard.
Rate 3/5

Fruits I got nothing to say. You know, fruits~

On the way back to UTP, it was raining and the bus was so cold.
We all snoozed off~

P/s: There will be more posts like this in the future! I promised some adventures earlier on. 
Well I had lots but I just don't have the camera to take down every moment. 
Now I have one so stay tuned for an almost-good-blogger who can now update more frequently!


Vit said...

u r good in taking picture...
nice job... ^____^

MayLin :: Melinda said...

thanks Vit! but will most probably invest in dslr after we graduate. hahah