Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hands on LX-5, XZ-1 & G12

Yesterday I managed to get my hands-on on 

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5

Olympus XZ-1 and 

Canon Powershot G12.

Before I got my hands on these high end point and shoot cameras,
I Google-d some of their info and know some of their specs.
It seemed that I am not the only one confused.

Many are questioning which of these cameras should they pick.
Another camera of almost the same function would be the Canon S95.
However it was not in my list because for S95, you don't have hot-shoe.

When I got hold onto LX5, it was great.
The body is metallic and the grip was nice. 
The XZ-1 was also partly metallic,
but it looks more plastic-like and the camera is not fixed with a grib.
You would need to buy and fix your own grip (flipbac camera grips).
G12 was obviously a lot more bulkier and the above two.
Not only it was heavier but also much thicker.

For the image quality,
LX5 satisfied me whereas when I first viewed XZ-1, 
I thought that the screen was a little blueish.
G12 has the clearest image due to highly number of bits.

LX5 is using the well known Leica lens,
XZ-1 using the Zuiko lens, whereas G12 is forever the most famous 
no matter what lens because of the brand Canon.
I always thought Olympus is under rated,
they got really great cameras especially the PEN series.

I tried onto macro shots.
LX5 and XZ-1 both worked really well.
I was quite impressed.
However when I tried G12, it was quite difficult to focus.
The camera focus on larger image,
usually the background rather than the actual object.
It took the macros at large angles.

For the video,
XZ-1 was poor compared to LX5 and G12.
Noise was really bad. LX5 and G12 was fairly so so.
But for me, I will not be using the video mode much so why bother.
Camera is for pictures, video cam is for videos. :)
Like you can't expect your mobile phone to be the best camera.

For the price (perhaps this is what you are waiting for?),
as of yesterday LX5 was at RM1350, 
XZ-1 was at RM1499 and G12 was at RM1599.

For other features such as ISO, aperture, zoom,
you can go find out yourselves. is among my favourites.
Maybe because I am not a pro,
and I do prefer explanation in layman's terms. :)

I came to the conclusion of buying LX5. why?
1. Indeed it is cheaper (cheapest if not)
2. Less bulky than G12, else I'd rather get a DSLR
3. Image quality comparable to other two.
4. The bokeh is niceeee
5. Wide angle, best for scenery since I am using it for travel
5. Just the right feeling when I hold onto it! :P

I initially narrowed my choices to LX5 and XZ-1,
but why I choose the former?
XZ-1 can only be charged using USB.
Which is really a downside because I don't always bring my laptop 
or other gadgets besides my mobile phone when traveling.

I was persuaded to buy the G12 by the shop owner 
due to the image quality.
But looking at G12 I seriously thought,
for that size and that price....
I would just invest a few more hundreds to get a DSLR.
Besides, I was looking for a camera solely for traveling purpose.

Before I go back to the shop to order an LX5,
do you have any opinions or suggestions for me? :)

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