Tuesday, August 2, 2011

True Harmony Kuching branch review

I have this sharing to make, or maybe a warning.

I went True Harmony, Kuching branch for trial facial last Saturday.

My appointment was 11.30am.

I arrived exactly at 11.30am, and I was asked to wait.

I wait for almost half an hour.

Waiting part still ok, they ask you to set at the sofa and read some magazines.

After that they call you in a room for some consultant.

They tell you which facial more suitable.

I think maybe I got cheated into a cheaper facial.

I paid for RM280 facial and got RM180 facial because apparently,

she said my skin too young for the RM280 facial.

If she was not cheating and knows more than me, then I am cool.

After that I went in the small room, get changed into the sarong.

She started doing the facial, telling me every steps.

At the same time, telling me my skin very dry.

Which I couldn't agree more.

The part I dislike the most is extraction.

Because my blackheads too big, too many...

but that was a necessary step to remove them.

Good thing she was considerate on my sensitive nose,

instead of using the tools, she just used cotton pads.

But there is this one part of my forehead with huge blackhead.

She pressed so hard, 3 times I think.

I was already tearing up that time.

After 3 days, that part is still swollen.

And I am guessing infection coming.

After the facial, which took 1.5hours rather than 1 hour as mentioned,

excluding the half an hour waiting time.....

she brought me into the room and start selling her products.

I kept rejecting since I am still using another product.

But she still ask me to try.

At last I just say I did not bring money cause I came just for trial.

And guess what she said???

"I talk so much to you and you end up not buying from me."

Now what is that going to do with me?

I am the customer, I got the choice to buy or not.

She kept promoting until I got so annoyed.

She took me another 12-20 minutes just to promote her products.

So from 11.30am, I finished at 2pm.

I was supposed to finish at 12.30noon according to the allocated time.

The products are really nice, from Germany.

I may try doing it in Ipoh branch and buy the products here.

But the Kuching branch is a big No No...


Anonymous said...

i trust u. it hapn to me too. end up i paid rm280.00

Anonymous said...

really... n i tot of going there ..yea the promoter stupidly talk too much wasting their own saliva n finally blame us for not buying. Idiot. Its not like "hey i am not buying your product but i want you to explain 2 me about it for an hour".

Noni Safuani said...

Euch! Need to think twice for their RM5 facial then..thanks! :)

Noni Safuani said...
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Anonymous said...

Truth!!! I hv been there too...thy keep promote their products, I said I dint bring money , the sales gal said o u hv credit card? I said no...she said I also can use my atm card ...thn I said let me think bout it 1st if I wan I will cum n buy...the things I most unhappy was after I done the treatment they force me to to buy d products..n said I "muz"buy d profuct after this treatment...d treatment was juz rm380 n d products costs about 800...