Monday, May 4, 2009

Me vs Braces (Part 1)

Had 2 teeth extracted last Saturday. It was not as painful as I thought, perhaps the dentist is more professional than the one who last extracted my tooth - which was years ago and it was that moment I started to get traumatized by dentist. My friends were supportive enough, especially Baby Mich (read up her blog : Girl in Red). We are getting braces together and she went in the surgery room with me. Thanks cousie! :) And we both love red, or perhaps it is more obvious that she loves red a lil bit more than I do, don't get offended k baby. It's a good thing. X)

The dentist said my condition is complicated. Not only my teeth are not aligned, my jaw is also not aligned. The first time when I visited the dentist, he suggested me to go for jaw sugery - which is a major surgery where I will need to "cut off" my jaw and reconnect it at the correct alignment using screws. Me, being very afraid of even small needles was shocked and speechless that very moment. The doctor asked me to consult my parents and all I did was nodding (of course as a meaning "yes"). Since the cost of the surgery is minimum around RM20,000 and need to be done by bone specialist in KL, I decided to drop it, one-being afraid of needles and two-the dentist said it is not so important but will influence the braces a lil. Yea, it was the word "a lil" that I decided not going for the surgery. Then another complication, the dentist found out there is a tooth stucked in my upper jaw after I took the x-ray. The tooth had fully develop but was unable to grow out because there is no space for it.

I am going to have my 2nd extraction this coming Saturday. This time 3 teeth, God knows how hard I prayed for the last extraction. I'll just pray a little bit harder this time since 1 extra tooth will be extracted. It does feel weird having holes in my mouth here and there. I can't wait to get braces though. Most probably will be getting it before study week. Hopefully there will be spaces available and hopefully I can bear the dizziness or any slight pain while studying during study week. The last lecture week, I will be going around with 5 teeth missing. Please don't put the blame on me if I ended up smiling less, crapping less and laughing less - even if I don't show my teeth, I'll still love you all. XP

Mr.J (please take note : that is what I am going to start referring him to in my blog) kept laughing at me because everytime I smile, the hole can be seen. But good enough he said he still miss my smile. XP I actually asked him why he still loves me, I told him I am ugly and showed him the silly smile with the holes and crooked teeth. He said he still loves me and in no time my teeth will be much better than his. I told him that will take 2 years or more, and asked him whether he will still love me then when I am 21 years old. He said there is no reason for him to stop loving me. *melts* Yea, perhaps he is true. My teeth and smile will look better in 2 years time and still, now and then or so, there is no reason for me to stop loving him and for him to stop loving me. He is so sweet. Awww! XP

~End of Part 1~


michkirszanelee said...

w00t!!! we love reds!

i love you, Mei Lin!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

love you too baby! ~ or cousie! X)