Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Srewed post

study week had been such a waste of time.
spent more time talking, facebook-ing, updating blog,
(as in now and always).
and even sempat do manicure.
for all 10 fingers different colours.
the theme was red for the left hand and blue for right hand.
they are my favourite colours combination,
as you can see in my previous post).

(right hand)

at 1st i thought the neon colour will be weird,
but then it turned out not so bad after all.

(left hand)

omg..don't tell me i'm starting to love pink!
i don't usually like pink but this pink is
unique.. XD

for the manicure, credits to Bel and Mich.
~look! i set the link as your fav colours!! ^^

i just went to take chemistry test 3 paper this afternoon,
good enough i managed to pass the paper - yes, i'm aiming for just pass.

e.maths coursework marks also announced yesterday.
i freakingly lost almost 2o marks already.

*maybe i shud consider removing the filter on my chat box too*
*and perhaps start cursing and spamming my own chat box ~
*like, becoming a psycho cursing in my own blog *

God, please help your child. Amen.

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