Sunday, May 24, 2009

M.fucker!! (as told by annonymous) ^^

Tomorrow is the first day of Finals.
The almost ending of life in Foundation studies.
And the almost-beginning of Semester break.
I am still blogging and blog hopping.
Forgotten what I had studied last few days.
Stupidest insect in the universe fucking disturbing me.
The room damn warm like oven in the desert.
Notes and past years all messed like rubbish dump.
Time ticking like the sun is going to rise any moment.
I just ate mihun, tauge ayam and McFlurry.
Still hungry like shit.
I wanna play diner dash forever and stop studying.
It is addictive, I swear.
Too much craps, I know.
Daddy wants me to take Masters or PhD,
and I am already whining in foundations.
Well, screw all of them.
Especially the fucking insects!!!
Kill them and put the in the box folded by Clare!!!
Hungry, yelling and crapping - signs of depression.

It is depressing,
but at the end of the day,
I still have things to laugh at,

and people who makes me smile. :)


joegrimjow said...

jgn lama2

maylin said...

u mean..?? hmmm...