Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me vs Braces (Part 2)

So here I am in my room blogging, the 4th day since I did my braces.
Yea, I did my braces on Monday - in exact time, it was 10am.
I had to skip 3 lectures -
(the "what??" Chem, last ICIS lecture and the ever important E.Maths),
making me even more miserable after missing a whole week of lecture last week.
Thanks to my roomy who went with me, she had to skip 1 lecture for that.
Maybe like what all of you expected, I had chosen red colour.
These 4 days, I am sickly enduring the pain.
First 2 days were kinda bad- the pain was almost unbearable,
took tablets of pain killer.

I was not able close my mouth properly, which is kinda pathetic.
I can't chew properly, had not been eating nice food and my lips get dry easily.
Even skipped 2 English tutorials because I tried to avoid taking more pain killers,
but ended up lying in my bed trying to get some sleep to stop the sufferings.
4 days had passed, I am getting used brushing my teeth more often
(after food, naps, sleeps).

I learned to use lip gloss more often, to avoid chapped lips, hehe.. :)
To drink more water, I am currently drinking almost 2 L per day.
It's a record cause I used to drink 0.5L only before I did my braces.
Friends had been really nice to me, understanding and caring as ever.
Since my brother is having braces too,
now there are 2 members in the family having "metal fence".
Baby Mich is currently still at the dentist while I am blogging.
Can't wait to see her having braces too!
Then we'll be braces neighbours. XD
Till the next part! Stay tuned!

Thanks to Mr.J for being understanding and still loves me,
despite the metal fencing I am having and all the complains I had made.
p.s. I love U..

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