Friday, May 1, 2009

So Far - So Good

So here I am back to updating my blog while the connection is "quite" fast I can say. Perhaps today is a holiday, most students are back home. Well, especially the Undergraduates since the coming week is already their study week. For Foundies like me, 3 more weeks to go before we are free, as in start our approximately 6 weeks holiday. Coming week we are having 3 tests in 2 days, Chemistry, ICIS and Physics. I am not sure how am I going to cope with that but oh well, life. All we need to do is to live it, love it and laugh as much as we could, of cause during the correct time or else someone might think something is wrong with you.

Talking about the past few weeks - had my drama presentation, went "ok" I guess, though not as good as the other groups. Went for Convo Fair committee interview, did not expect much for such a large and pretigious event but just for experience perhaps. Had Physics quiz, went well. Had Engineering Maths test 2, and the only thing I hope for is no careless mistakes, not gonna forget what happened to my Quiz 3 - I lost 6 marks just due to 1, I mean a single stroke (of square root).

And, about the pictures for Jeremy's, Nuzul's and Clare's birthday, I am really sorry that I lost the pictures due to some virus and worms. Yea, my lap top clashed last week, the same day I was having drama. Worst, theTrojan Horses attacked my thumbdrive from the CAL Lab, it infected my lap top. It was my fault to not scan it first. Then, I plugged in my SD memory card, which then got infected from my lap top. It should be a lesson for me to be aware when I plug my thumbdrive into the CAL Lab USBs.

About the Semester break, we are asked to clear our rooms before 9am on 30th May. How can they be so cruel just because the Juniors are moving in?? We are finishing our Finals on 29th afternoon and they want us to clear our rooms over the night. Maybe it is is easy for the West Malaysians, who can just send their stuffs back during study week. But how about us? Let the wise man think. By the way, I will be going back on 7th June, together with my roomy and coming back on 15th July. Holidays will be from 30th May till 19th July. Yea, obviously we are going back late and coming back early. Since we are having too many stuffs to pack, and there is not reason why we want to stay home so long (for some reasons we are compatible in getting messy, watching horror movies and not getting home sick. :P).

I guess that's all for now. Gonna take my bath, take dinner and be prepared to start studying for the coming 3 tests in 2 days. Things may not be so great right now - warm weather, terrible tests and quizes results, super messy room, sucky internet connection, overload laundry basket, same old food at the cafe, failing interviews. But well, life is great as it is. Give thanks to God for everything, life's short and you may not know what is going to happen next, not only old people go you know. Talking about this, I remembered what Kavita said, she told my roomy that she may go tomorrow, today, the very next second or she can even live another 100 years. She may even be the oldest woman living on Earth. Well, you will never know till you live your life right...


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