Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time waster (tag)

The rules are:
a) answer the question below, do a Google Image search with your answer, take a picture from the 1st page of results, do it with minimal words of explanation; and
b) tag 5 people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question.

1. The age you’ll be on your next birthday:

2. Place you want to travel to:

3. Your favorite place:

4. Your favorite food:

5. Your favorite pet:

6. Favorite color combination:

7. Favorite piece of clothing:

8. Your all time favorite song:

9. Favorite TV show:

10. First name of your celebrity crush:

11. Which town do you live in:

12. Your screen name/nickname:

13. Your first job:

14. Your dream job:

15. One bad habit that you have:

16. Worst fear:

17: Things you’d like to do before you die:

18. The 1st thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000:

19. Your husband/wife:

20. What present would you like for your next birthday?

*I tag whoever felt shitti, screwed, useless, psycho,
bored, sleepy, lazy, wana-spent hours-doin-this
after studying the freaking Physics, Chemistry, E.maths and ICIS*

~Warning : I just wasted 3 hours of my study week doing this~

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