Monday, May 25, 2009

You sucker!!

That guy is the worst animal on Earth.
Not even worth being called a homosapien.
I cursed him suffer from the most terrible sickness.
Hate by everyone around him.
Live in poverty and debts whole life.
He is the worst guy I had met.
Even the last worst one was already worst enough.
He is the worst of the worst.
You moron!! Give me what I deserve!!
Give me what I was supposed to have!
Give me back what you took from me!!!!
Mother fucking son of a bitch!!!!!!

*sorry, I am really emotional today*
*so many things are happening,
and I don't know what else can I do to calm down*

I'm not aiming for Dean's list anymore this semester.

I just screwed one of my hope of A-, or at least B.
E.maths sucks. I screwed up.
The formulas did evaporation when I walked under the sun.
Don't laugh, I really mean it.


pHiLL said...

wow after so long not reading ur blog, i now see u damn pissed at some guy, as usual :P ... jk jk

juz chill yo, it'll all turn out fine.... all d best 4 ur exams :)

'god' bless...

MayLin :: Melinda said...

it's not you think la..
he's a stranger who technically "stole" my $$$..