Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm tired!
Stop all of these immediately!!
I can't stand it anymore...
Not only my body is exhausted,
my mind is extremely saturated already.
Why all of these have to happen now,
all in a short period of time??
It's 6.30AM now and I'm still trying to study ICIS.
Schedule will be real packed tomorrow onwards.
Tomorrow Chemistry II and Thursday English II.
Friday is the worst, ICIS and Physics II.
Whole week of exam, 2 parcel cases to settle and I'm having PMS?!
I'm tired of all these already, I really am...
And safe mode sucks, I had been using it for almost a month now.
Can't listen to songs, watch movies or upload pictures.
So my posts kinda dull lately.
The last post about my nails, I borrowed my roomy's lap top.

When my dad called and ask me how was the exam,

I could feel my tears accumulating under my eye lopes.
I answered only "yes" and "ok" ,
so that he will not know how unhappy I am.
I did tried my best, I worked real hard.
But still, I was not able to answer the paper.
I am disappointed with myself.
I could had done much more better.

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