Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1st English Tutorial + stuffs We did

Had my 1st English Tutorial for the semester last night..
Not so much of what I expected..
Only 7 girls out of 22 guys...
Only 2 Chinese, me & another Kuching guy...
Which makes us the only Chinese girl & Chinese guy there..
There are few Bumi's and others are Malays..
I got separated from my friends, guess the guy was too..
Another Malay girl got separated from her friends too...
She said she cried when she found out about it...
If you read my previous post ~ "What About It??",
then you should know that I was also a little disappointed..
Having thoughts about how am I going to do my drama presentation,
and Literature presentation with strangers..

Still can't believe that I was the 1st to sign in for the group,

yet just after 1 or 2 minutes, it was full..
But now I felt fine with it~I can still tolerate..
I like making new friends, talking to strangers.. XP
I have to say that I feel glad I met people of the same fate..
As in being separated from friends, course mates and such..
We turned out being friends even during the 1st tutorial,
since we only have one another in this semester's tutorials..
Became a group and shared our ideas..

We got ourselves a non-experienced tutor..
Who knew nothing about CAL lab, and depends a lot on Hemisphere..
Wants us to have an Oxford dictionary, a Grammar book
and a Vocabulary notebook..

Who gives us 10 minutes break after each 40 minutes of tutorial..
Just hopefully she is nice and lenient..
Especially in giving us marks for our tests and presentations... X)

p/s : I don't even own a freaking dictionary.
I am high tech, I use online dictionary.. XD
Michael, please bring yours..we share la..
Can la hor..Hehe..

After tutorial...
When for sports with Wan Lin, was around 10.30pm..
When for 1 whole round of jog around the field,

because the tennis court was occupied..
After the jog, when back to play tennis..

Sadly it rained, drizzling but I was wearing a white tee..
Girls should understand...
surrendered the court to the guys..
Darn...when the guys played, the rained stopped..
So me and Wan Lin when for another round of walks + jogs..

The sports complex closed around 12am..

Heavy down pour by that time,
had to ask J.Low to pick us up..

Lingered at V2 cafe..

Became the
white mouse for some tattoo thingy during book fair..

Thanks Bel for the rainbow, heart and u-know-what.. XP

But ended up drawing myself using all the colours..
Bathe real late..

Did Engineering Maths stuffs with him until 4am at the cafe..

Here's the masterpiece of Bel + Me ^^


Nasz aka Spiderman said...

i'm guessing ur in da same grp as asyraf,rite??he also complaint it to me last nite..anyway..be strong for ur english tutorial..hehe..

Melinda :: MayLin said...

1 semester ba.. =.=
belum lagi all the presentations..

farah said...

hi maylin.its me fara.yep..the one who was bursting into tears when found out i got separated frm my frens for the tutorial.we're in the same boat then??just so u noe.i cry no more..haha..

tak pa la..
just get thru it for the rest of the sem..we're gonna make it!!ngee~

p/s: i do hv a mini-thesaurus so no worries.i'll bring it 4 the tuto :)

Melinda :: MayLin said...

You found my blog..
Yea, I was very disappointed till I actually wanted to find our lec..
But I gave up coz you may know what he'll say.. XP

Since we're on de same boat, then we row the boat together la..X)

p/s:tq for helping out, see ya diz evening..*winks*