Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Sem^Old Blog

I am not going to update my blog often anymore. Usually I update my blog everyday but starting from now on, I will update only if something comes into my mind, or if there is anything interesting I want to share. The reason is because I am getting really busy lately, quizzes are coming, tests are just around the corner, having laboratories reports to do and studies. Besides, I need to spend time for proper rests and some sports. Modern Dance Club and Catholic Student Society also occupied my time, especially on weekends. Weekdays I will be busy doing revisions and tutorials. So this semester will be a busier one compared to last semester, of which I stayed in my room for 24 hours and only going out for lectures and when human nature calls. I swear I never touched any rackets last semester, but this semester I am trying squash, tennis and ping pong. Study is going to be tougher ~ tougher subjects, and thus I am trying to do constant revisions. Other than spending precious moments with my friends and the beloved, I have not much time left to blog. Sorry dears!

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