Friday, February 6, 2009

Life Without Him

He said I have to be independent and try to do stuffs without him.
I thought about it but was defeated by my own feelings.
I need tissues *sniffs*
I am not sure why but I just felt something missing without him.
My thought went far though.
How much I miss him despite I only seen him hours ago.
I remembered how I cried the night before our flights.
I did not sobbed or cried bitterly, the tears just flow.
It hurts just thinking about it.
I knew I have to be more independent.
I must try living without counting too much on him.

He is not feeling well,
and this makes me feel bad cause I felt helpless.
All I can do is to accompany him to the clinic,
which I did not think helped much in his sufferings.
Sorry Piggy...

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