Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm tired

I'm really tired...
Life had been real hectic...
Some compulsory stuffs seemed to be nonsense,
which we are forced to face even though we can still survive without it..
Thought of the possibility I'll be dead of...

1. starvation (I need food all the time)
2. overslept (I had been sleeping too much, but still not enough)
3. incurable illness (I feel sick)
4. lack of oxygen intake (I have short breath)
5. loneliness (I need someone beside me all the time)
6. road accident (I am a speed driver, 120km/hr++)
7. dehydration (I don't drink much water and I tear a lot)
8. insufficient rest (I am living on the 3rd floor, it's difficult - for me)
9. stress (Tests are coming soon, tutorials not done etc)
10. heart break (I am hurt too easily even by the slightest)
11. drown (I can't swim at all)
12. burnt by the sun (I turn red very easily under the sun)
13. electric shock (I have wires all over the floor)
14. falling down the stairs (I bruised myself often lately)
15. dust (I am very very sensitive to dust and allergic to it)
16. killed by my parents (If I don't do well in my studies)
17. killed by a guy (Perhaps due to jealousy or revenge)
18. falling down from the chair (My books are up high on the shelf)
19. bitten by insects (I very scared of insects!)

~will update again soon~

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