Monday, February 9, 2009

Under the Moon I Stay

It is now 5am.
I am awake trying to get my hands
and brain cells on Chemistry Chapter 2.
Yes, indeed I purposely set my alarm to snooze at 4.30am
just so that I can wake up and study.
I always can wake up easily when the moon is still up
and the sun is yet to appear.
But if I am to wake up when the sun is up high,
it would need a little effort.
I am determined to finish Chapter 2,
at least browsing through before I set the day to move on with ICIS,
sadly knowing that ICIS quiz will be anytime within this week
~ a pop quiz.
Slept before around 1am to get myself some energy,
so there goes my 3 hours 30 minutes of sleep.
Taking cereal now,
cannot believe I am starving at this hour.
I just took chicken chop at Village 5,
it was so large that I almost throw up after forcing myself to finish it...
and now I am starving?
I bet that is what happen to people with superb digestions.
We actually consume loads of food
(oh ya, I just took a piece of black forest cake before I slept),
but can never grow fat.
Dang! I wanna be a little fatter, just a little bit more.
Tata... Need to continue studying.

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