Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What can I say??

Warning : This is a complain post, do not continue if you are phobic towards lame posts!

Why on Earth do I have feelings like this?
p/s : when I talk bout feelings, it's not always about love.

Last night when I was doing my Physics tutorial, I felt damn sleepy even though I woke up around 3pm. Yea, I seriously wake up at that hour every time when I am having no-lecture-day. Even managed to do my Chemistry lab chemical assessment, even though my lab is next week. When to bed around 12.30am after reading 2 chapters of PS I love U. I had been reading it 2 chapters per night cause of my hectic student life with assignments and studies. *Wonders when can she finish up the novel* However, when I was on my bed, I can't seemed to get my eyes shut. Amazingly I was not sleepy at all and kept rolling on the bed from side to side. I can even open my eyes widely and stare at the ceiling, as if I can see the stars through it. One thought went through my mind at that moment : "Why can't I have lectures now??" So there I was hoping to have lectures when I was wide awake in the AM. Did that rolling and staring till around 4am I guess. Woke up around 6.30am to prepare for 8am tutorial. Felt my head swinging, heavy and whole body aching due to the vigorous sports the night before. Having 1 lecture and 3 tutorials today. 5 hours in a row from 8am to 1pm of 2 tutorials and 1 lecture, just hopefully I won't snooze off in class. If not I'll be having thought of : "Why can't I sleep now??"

~continuation of post after classes~

At 1pm, met him in front of the lecture hall as promised. Went to USM cafe, but it was super packed and no sight of any empty seats. Decided to take lunch at Pocket D. Took light lunch despite the hungriness, what can I more food. After lunch, went to the Book Fair organized by English club. The main sponsor is Popular Bookstore. Saw Cecelia Ahern's novels! (she's the author of PS I love U) I want them!! Sadly he was telling me that I had not even finished my PS I love U novel and will not have time to read any novels in the coming future due to the dying hectic student's life. Okay, fine... I was on shortage of $ at the moment too, when will our allowance be given?? Did the fake tattoo thingy (it's waterproof!) again, this time wi
th him..and one hand manicure ~ pink nail polish, glittering pink! It was so sweet of him to agree tattoo-ing each other's name on our arm. In support of my roomie and the gang, please go do some colourful tattoo, buy bookmarks, drink mushroom soup, eat kuih-muih or do nail polish at Pocket D (right in front of the entrance of the book fair!) *roomie, don't say I don't help you promote XP*

Enough bout that advertisement. After doing those crazy stuffs, went to take my parcel. Dad and Mum sent me 2 calculus books (which I am not sure whether I will have the spirit to even flip through) and 2 containers of biscuits, 1 of pineapple tart and another of short bread. Sadly, they were all kinda hancur, maybe due to the keganasan of the postman. I admit I also cried when I saw the biscuits in such condition. Luckily he was there, cheered me up a lil. Took some of the biscuits then went to CAL lab to print his Physics lab
manual and my Chemistry lecture notes. I signed up for the Modern Dance Club, meaning I'll take up breakdancing~maybe..he said he is going to sign up too but need to put some thoughts on it first. I made an important decision : giving my parents' numbers and my home address to him just in case something happens to me. He did the same too, he gave me his parents' numbers to me. It was something I wanted to do long ago, I am not sure why I remembered to it today.. Yea, usually it just slips off my mind.

Felt so disappointed that the tutorial this evening is canceled (yes, I am saying : disappointed!) Not that I love attending tutorials, but I actually waited for the tutorial whole day~I did not take my nap despite waking up at 6.30am and having 4 hours of break before the tutorial. I know, my mistake.. Thanks God I had an angel beside me all the time *winks!* So I am now in my room, going to take a nap soon. My angel went for a swim. XD Thanks Mum and Dad fo
r the books and biscuits!

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Jeremy said...

Hey dear, i didnt go to swimming lol. Girls today =.= Oh well, maybe some other time. Ok gonna take my bath now. See ya!

Melinda :: MayLin said...

And u need to teach me how to swim..
Tomorrow quiz, good luck dear!
muahhh! :*