Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks Lord!

Just like everyday, I would like to thank Lord for everything. However, today is a little special. Yesterday we (me and a few friends) had a hard time figuring how should we attend Ash Wed this coming Wednesday, since it will be in the evening and we had Chemistry test scheduled around the same time. Praise God today our lecturer just announced that the Chemistry test is postponed to the week after due to uncertainties of the venue. Thus, we are able to attend Ash Wed. Some of you may be shocked to hear this but this will be my first time to attend Ash Wed after I had been baptized. So I am kinda excited despite Engineering Maths quiz will be on early Thursday. Most probably I will be skipping my Wednesday English tutorial since the bus will be leaving at 5.30pm and my tutorial will be from 5pm to 7pm. Hmmm...need to write an exemption letter.

I would like to thank God too since my friends who were feeling unwell for the past few weeks had been getting better, and going to lectures like usual. For a friend who is still in recovery period and resting in his room since he came back from the hospital, may God be with him always and hope he will get well soon and attend classes like usual. For some friends who just fell sick this few days, get well soon and remember to take your medications. Really Praise God I am as healthy as a horse, though I think I do not have enough nutrients in my body and I do not drink enough water. I can still walk around without eating for the whole day and attend lectures like I am the healthiest (maybe the sleepiest) student. XP

My dad had been sending me lots and lots of emails. Some are advices and some are forwarded emails. He also uses Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and Gtalk to chat with me, sometimes even using web cam. Yes, my dad is going to be 56 years old this year and he actually had a Gmail account even before me. My dad is even more aware than me of the fare changes of calls and updates me on the calls cost (like, making calls from 7pm-7am is cheaper and etc). Piggy dear was right, my dad kept looking for the best ways and alternatives to reach his beloved daughter. Thanks God I have such a caring Dad! To my Dad, sorry for not answering your calls lately, I am quite busy. I will reply your emails as soon as possible. Not forgetting my Mum, I know you seldom talk to me, maybe you are scared to listen to my voice (perhaps afraid that you'll miss me or disturb me). Thanks God you are so caring, haven thank you for the Chinese New Year biscuits you sent me. I love you Mum and Dad! I miss you all.. And despite being so annoying, I do miss my brothers (To Jerry or Jimmy - who ever is learning break dancing now, maybe both - I am taking break dancing too, show me some moves when I get back k...)

Love You Lord!
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to live by Thy name...

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