Thursday, February 5, 2009

Suddenly I Felt Lost

Seemed like another bad day for me.
Bad morning I supposed.
Hopefully the day gets better soon.

Woke up around 4.30am just to study for the freaking Engineering Maths quiz.
5% of our coursework marks, it's a lot to me.
Crazily woke up so early just to study for that 5%.
Went for lecture at 8am at Pocket D.
Disappointingly, I bet I can only get around 1%.
So there goes my 5% of e.maths..
After the lecture, had 1 hour break.
I went to Block 2 trying to search for the ICIS lab list.
I admit, I didn't know where it is cause my roomie registered for me.
I went to the top floor but found nothing.
When I came down from the lift, I felt lost : Where am I?
I was thinking which direction should I go.
So I looked around till I found the Information Resource Centre (IRC).
Amazingly, I got lost for a few minutes in my own Uni.
Can't recognize the directions.
Walked to the IRC, intended to look up on some Physical Chemistry reference.
Got questioned by the Security where is my matric card.
I had it in my purse, and I forgotten my purse in my room.
So there I go again lost and wondering where to go.

Walked all the way to USM, feeling so hungry.
Then remembered I forgotten my purse.
No $ means no food.
So I waited for Chemistry lecture with my hungry tummy.
Like usual, Chemistry lecture is super confusing and blurry.
Now I am lost in the sea of don't-know-what.

Can't do my freaking e.maths quiz,
silly me got lost around block2,
forgotten my matric card,
forgotten my purse,
blurry chemistry and hungry tummy.

Luckily his 1 sms is enough to cheer me up.
He said : "We eat together la." XD
To him, thanks.

p/s : notice the flying piggy.. X)


Jeremy said...

Aiyo only with dat 1 sms can cure mehh? LOL my eyes, argh! Dang u trailer bug...

Melinda :: MayLin said...

It seriously did cheered me up..
Pity Dear's eye..
Dang u trailer bug.. XP